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    #6 is gonna make alot of folks not happy but unfortunatly its probally the reason 50% of the folks purchased the touchpad.

    Gadgetbox - 10 things to do with a $100 TouchPad
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    As a newbie, Im looking for all kinds of suggestions.

    3,6,9,10 for me. I know WebOS is great, and will be in for the first part of ownership, but for the long haul someone needs to continue support for WebOS, or give us Android.
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    If webos had the functuality / apps like Android/Apple ( Documents,Slingbox , New version of Angry birds etc) I might keep WEBOS on it but otherwise I will port Android WITH the hope of dual booting so I still can play with WEBOS.
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    Is there actually a port now, or do they have to develop it?
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    Toilet tablet, lol
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    Not yet but being worked on.

    Quote Originally Posted by elwaylite View Post
    Is there actually a port now, or do they have to develop it?
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    Thanks, what I thought but not sure if I missed something since Im playing catch up. Other than the commercials with Manny, I knew nothing of this thing till Saturday
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