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    I am having problems with the keyboard. It seems as if the touch screen is too sensitive, it double and triple types letters sometimes. Anybody else have this issue?
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    maybe you just have parkinsons? j/k dunno about that like theres no keyboard input prefs, maybe just give it a damned good clean on the surface.
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    lol. sometimes it does seems to be better after I clean the screen. It just feels like the screen is acting funky. The angry birds sling program away easter egg is very difficult to perform on the tab and angry birds itself can be difficult to play b/c of the sensitivity.
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    I seem to recall this was an issue that was fixed by the latest update.

    Here's the guide to getting started, and I think the answer may be found by following the instructions to update. Sorry if I'm off, though. I just seem to remembe something I read about it.
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    thanks, i have already performed the update and redoctored with some improved results. uberkernal has helped some, i have to leave the scheduler on cfq as bfq seems to make the problem worse. it has become rather annoying, i just wanted to make sure i wasn't crazy.
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    bump^^^^^ are you guys able to pull the card down slowly and have it sling shot off for the angry bird easter egg? i see videos on you tube where it is demonstrated and they pull down slow and it sling shots off. if i try to pull slowly it jumps around and only moves down about 1/2 inch before returning to its original position

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