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    very sadly i am out of the country so did not know about this. but it looks like there will be round 2 so can you guys tell me where i should look both online and in stores to catch this amazing deal?
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    (Front Page)

    No word on the number of TouchPads or other webOS devices that they have in stock, but if you keep hitting the HP website this week, you'll likely find that the "Out of stock" message is replaced with a "Buy now" option. Keep in mind that some retailers, like BestBuy, will no longer be selling the TouchPad even if there is more inventory available, so you'll want to watch other online outlets for news on continued discounts on the tablet device.

    In short, pretty much everywhere that you could buy them before, except for Best what I get out of it.
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    The HP website say the are "temporarily out of stock". I think that's probably worth keeping an eye on.
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    I've been shocked to see the Touchpad sell out like it has.

    Yes, the price is awesome, but still. I thought there was plenty of inventory out there.

    Can they really be close to being sold out? Could there be that many people that would buy a Touchpad just because of the price, with no knowledge about the history of palm & webos?

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