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    People are buying more than they need in the hope of getting a quick buck. the people who really want one are not that high in number. Along with the thousands of Touchpads which price still hasn't been reduced there are also all the extra Touchpads greedy people bought for themselves to be sold on eBay etc. There are already 350 on eBay, most from USA sellers and soon everyone who wants one will have one so what do you think will happen to auctions like this one?...

    HP TouchPad 16GB, Wi-Fi, 9.7in - Black | eBay

    My bet is by the end of the week Touchpads can be picked up for 50 on eBay.
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    Depends where you are - in the UK, most stores will take back items unopened for upto 21 days, so most of the flippers will have got them on that basis. If it doesn't command a decent price, they will simply take them back to the store...

    I doubt that they will fall below the 90 mark in the UK simply because we don't have the stock glut of the US and there are enough people who actually like WebOS who will pay slightly over the odds to get a device. I doubt this will happen by the end of this week, simply because the spec is decent enough that people will pay 80 or so simply to have something with a decent screen to browse the web on.

    What will hold it's value more is the Pre3, those will be even more rare and WebOS faithful will be desperate to get one to pair to their cheap touchpad.

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