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    You are kidding?

    Thank you!!!!

    I dont even know what this webOS Doctor is ;-)
    So I dont need to plug in my HP to my computer and do anything else with that file I downloaded for web doctor and can just continue on with the thread below to tweak and over clock patch and other things i am supposed to do.

    IF that is all I have to do now, thank you very much for your help as I was getting very confused unnecessarily.

    I am interested in "jailbreaking" it.......or whatever term is used for HP ( I have my iphone jailbroken ) so I can add things etc.

    What i have also discovered is that HP wont allow payment for any apps other tha with credit cards which I dont use. I see they dont allow PapPal which I do use so I am going to have to "jailbreak it" in order to be able to add other apps, etc...........

    Any idea where i look for info on how to do that?

    I am guessing that thread i mention above is NOT what i am looking for?

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    sorry to hijack this thread but I figured it's better than starting a new one, I'm having the same problem installing WebOS Doctor on my or my girlfriend's Macbooks. We don't have Lion but she's on 10.6.8 and I'm on 10.5.8.

    I'm having keyboard issues (thread linked below) where two characters are typing at the same time on my gf's refurb TouchPad and the person I spoke with on the WebOS Help Chat basically said they couldn't do anything for me until I ran the Doctor on the Touchpad to pinpoint the issue.
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