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    I was wondering which patches you guys have so the newbies (like me) could get some ideas of what is good

    - Ad Blocker (amazing)
    - Advanced reset options (I like the option to restart my touchpad instead of powering off and on)
    - Faster card animations (Makes device faster? Could just be a visual enhancement)
    - Increased touch sensitivity and smooth scrolling (There's two of these, one x10, but I'm trying both out)
    - Make it so (simple visual effect of where it replaces the part on your homescreen that says "just type..." with "Make it so...")
    - Private browsing (in case I don't want cookies and history saved)
    - Remove tap ripple (Makes device faster by removing animation effect? Not sure...)

    Thanks for anyone who gives their patch list, also if you have any essential apps I'd like to know as well.
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    Looking in Preware, this will be a monster post... And its being typed on from my touchpad!

    Apps - 63
    Kernel -1 (Uberkernal for overclocking)

    Linux Application - Add launcher tabs, OEM overlord monitoring, gnu patch, homebrew is framework, Increase touchpad volume lite, lsdiff

    Patches - Ad blocker, Advanced reset options, Always show Previous and Next buttons, Faster card animations HYPER, Increase touch sensitivity and smoothness, Make it so, Muffle system logging, No video pause on minimise, Quiet powerd messages, remove dropped packet logging, Unhide dev mode icon, Unthrottle download manager
    (logging, messages, and unthrottle patches improve performance)

    Service - 2

    With the webOS update, 1.5ghz overclock, and system logging overhaul patches it has made my touchpad operate buttery smooth. I might even spread it on bread now.

    Essential apps -

    Preware - (Well duh, you need this to access homebrew feeds and install these patches and other cool things.)

    govnah (controls how you overclock with uberkernal and others. Also monitors your system resources and load. Install your kernel first, restart, and then install govnah.)

    Internalz Pro - (Great File Manager for webOS)

    Preware Homebrew Documentation - $0.99 in HP App store(Your dollar goes to support Preware and homebrew work)

    Luna - Free on HP App store (Internet Web Browser for exhibition mode)
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    Also of note, faster card animation patch does not actually change performance. It just speeds up the pulsing of the icon inside a newly opened card thats loading.

    Back on the pre, it use to pulse slowly but also ran on older hardware. So it looked even worse.

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