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    Yes, there still IS a way. Do you think they will honor the discount to the firesale price?
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    I do not think so, as I have been checking since afternoon and all the access points show out of stock as my Small Business rep told me this afternoon when I called about the rebate. I wanted to use the rebate to buy two more. I was told to call ####? option 3 and the message said that the wait over the previous hour had been 1 minute and an hour later no one had picked up. I was working so I did not care, will try again tomorrow on multiple lines.
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    They haven't shut down their contract ordering site (education, government, etc.) and you can still place orders for the Touchpad at the regular price there, but if they are out of stock, they are out of stock. I think this is a case of HP just failing to update their entire site rather than a back door way of getting a Touchpad.
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