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    I reserved my touchpad at on Saturday night for $400 expecting a price match when I picked it up from the store the next morning. Sadly the in store best buy representative said that she could not price match an item that was purchased on (stupid policy) and that I would have to call the corporate number in order to get my refund. I called the corporate number and the customer services representative told me that she would call me back in 3 business days. So what do you think my chances are of getting a price match? How long does it usually take for a best buy price match refund to be accredited back to a bank account?
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    try another store, or else just return it and buy it back, same device. I got mine one day one with accidental damage for two years and I canceled that too, who ll pay 160 for a 150 device
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    I've already taken the device out of its box. Have tried returning it before and buying it back?
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    Did you buy yours from The people at my store were really rude.

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