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    Oh the irony of this. Anyone else notice that the Precentral Forums while using the Touchpad are like completely out of date? There was another post about each individual thread and an issue with updating, but if you go to page one of the Touchpad forum main page the threads you will see posts from days ago. It's kinda funny if you think about it.
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    Working fine for me...
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    old pacific coast, nice ride I bet. Works fine for me Thu noticed it sometimes seems to open the site in mobile view other times as full site with all the graphics...not sure why. Probably due to volume hitting the site I would guess. They have been ramping up the server resources to met the new need
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    he reason why is because it reloads older versions of the website priorly downloaded. If you want to see a newer one just tap reload...
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    It's quite annoying, hope someone can come up with a homebrew fix.

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