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    What am I doing wrong?

    novacom - reinstalled via QuickInstall
    Java - up to date
    downloaded .zip file from cdnetworks link
    changed file extension to .jar

    When I double click the file I get a quick flash of a black window and nothing else?

    .....driving me nuts!

    I can get the webos doctor for my Pre to initiate.
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    A little more information. I changed the file extension to .jar but the file still shows up as a zip file (ends
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    Where did you download it from?

    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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    From the same place you like goes to. For whatever reason, it wouldn't load so I used another laptop at home and all is well. Converted my demo touchpad to fully functioning with no issues.
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    Did you try it in dev mode? I did it in dev mode and it worked just fine for me. Dont know if that matters or not but here is what you do:

    Go into the main search bar and type: webos20090606
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    Another option would be to log in to your webOS Profile HERE , and then choose the 'Device Options' and choose 'Get webOS Doctor'.
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    I also have the extension on my win 7 box.
    Dont have access to my old linux box (in storage).

    What am I doing run on the renaming piece?
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