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    Not even a tracking # yet
    Ordered a 16gb on Sunday at 640pm New York time.

    Monday = 1st day
    Tuesday = 2nd day

    Should't i get a tracking # by now?

    I feel like i'm not getting a service I paid for !
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    Ordered from OnSale on Amazon?
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    Two day shipping starts when the order leaves the warehouse.
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    monday = processing
    tuesday = shipping day 1
    wednesday = shipping day 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ap3604 View Post
    Ordered from OnSale on Amazon?
    Amazon being Onsale de retailer
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    Sadly, your shipping time is when they actually slap a label on the box and hand it to the delivery guy. If it takes them 4 days to get to that point, you're stuck.

    Don't feel too bad, I paid for 1-day shipping, only to discover that they ship from about 30 minutes away...
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    Since you bought your TouchPad after both of the Amazon Lightning Deals (at 10:30a and noonish) I am going to assume that you purchased from OnSale via Amazon.

    OnSale is not Amazon, merely a retailer using Amazon as a storefront. Onsale has publicly stated that they oversold and won't have it sorted out until tomorrow.

    Edit: Others in this thread are right now, you paid for upgraded shipping. Processing wasn't part of that deal.

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