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    randomly noticed when picking up TP with one hand that the glass body flexes in at the center between the speaker slots. Seems a bit weird and maybe related to why there are speaker housing cracks.

    also, saw a old intro video on TP and they demo'd that the keyboard would be resized. Did not not make it into production release?

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    hold the keyboard button in the bottom right corner of the onscreen keyboard.
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    Yup like the guy above me said. To change the keyboard size when the keyboard is open there should be a keyboard image in the bottom right of the keyboard hold that key and it will show the different sizes you can change it too.
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    cool, thank you both
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    not related to my post but now that I just got a TP...have a gen1 iPad and a acer Ionica 500 android...I realize that (to me) when surfing the web I enjoy a 4:3 layout more then the android 16:9 when working on 10" screen size. Of course for movies 16:9 wins out for HD no doubt.

    enjoying the TP, old former Pre phone user back in the fold due to fire sale pricing.

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