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    I got a touchpad during the firesale and I'm wondering if I can use touch to share with my friends touchpads?
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    yes it is possible. I remember seeing a few articles about this right after launch. I' ve been looking for instructions on how to do it, but can't seem to find it. I have been successful in having two touchpads recognize each other.

    When I open a web page and place one on top of the other I get a box that pops up saying " in order to share I must enable bluetooth. I enable Bluetooth and I can't get past that... Any help would be great.
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    Hmm, bump, I'm very interested. Can anyone test/try that has two touch pads? Any other predictions?
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    Well I believe you would have to go to bluetooth prefs, add device, then pair the two touchpads.
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    touch to share works but only between a boy and girl touchpad. bumping any other combination together produces a null result.
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    yes you can tts between 2 tp's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrJspeed View Post
    touch to share works but only between a boy and girl touchpad. bumping any other combination together produces a null result.
    Not in my experience.
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    yes, it works. Rumor has it HP as had issues because testers used to put them face to face in backpacks, which caused all sorts of weird issues...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    Well I believe you would have to go to bluetooth prefs, add device, then pair the two touchpads.
    This is not true. All you have to do is turn bluetooth on for both devices then touch both faces together to pair them. you will hear a notification tone and it will say it is paired on the notification area. Then just open a browser page on one and touch them together (face to face) and it will ripple and open the page on the other. They both need to be unlocked, but only the sending tablet needs to have the web page open. The other one can be in any unlocked state.
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    Just did it today. Take both TouchPad s & make sure Bluetooth is OFF. Open browser on one TouchPad, and find a page to share. Place both TouchPad on top of each other in the same orientation. You will see a large ripple and hear a tone. Both TouchPad will ask to turn on Bluetooth, do so. Now repeat the stacking of TouchPad s and the TouchPad that didn't have browser open will open to same page.

    So far this is the only known TTS capability.

    it doesn't have to be face-to-face. I stacked them both screens up and buttons to the right and it worked.
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    Touch-to-Share will indeed work between TouchPads, and you can make it work even better if you're willing to edit the upstart script for tap2share (the lowest level user-space process that handles the device-device comm)

    /etc/event.d# cat tap2share
    # -*- mode: conf; -*-
    start on LunaSysMgr-ready
    stop on started start_update
    # the following makes sure that tap2shared gets bounced after first-use
    # to get newly acquired device name & profile info
    stop on first-use-profile-created

    exec /usr/sbintap2shared {{ add parameters here}}
    end script

    If you run 'stop tap2share' then you can run tap2shared -h to see the command line options:

    tap2shared -h
    usage for tap2shared:
    tap2shared [ -a ] [ -b ] [ -h ] [ -N ] [ -r ] [ -s sleep_ms ] [ -S ] [ -v ] [ -v ]
    -a: use 'always ping' topaz a6 behavior (to work around ACCS-562)
    -b: make 'tick' sound when comm is detected
    -N: display and log commands sent to STservice
    -r enable use of rear A6 on topaz
    -s: milliseconds to sleep between a6 poll events (default 500)
    -S: use alternate 'fake' Palm Profile Secret to test Profile checking
    -v increase verbosity if running in novaterm (max = 4 for now)
    -V vibrate when tap is detected
    -h this help text

    topaz = TouchPad. If you want to be able to tap TouchPads rear-to-rear add the -r flag
    -b will add a quiet 'tick' sound as soon as my code detects the other device
    (useful to see if you're tapping in the right place)
    -V adds vibrate to the 'glow' & bling that the TP performs when the TTS transfer
    is _done_. (phones do not give any feedback at all so this is useful for them)
    -N if you want to watch all of the stuff that goes back & forth between the devices
    during a tap ('tail -f /var/log/messages' to watch, and remember that webOS
    rotates the log files but tail doesn't know about it, so if you stop seeing any output
    kill the tail & restart.)

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    This seems to be a solution waiting for a problem. Very nice, but whats the point?


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