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    Since Pre3 is out of sight for US users, and the veer is not a option for a lot of people, we need to get some homebrew action and get the phone and sms apps working on any mobile phones..

    I am willing to donate a nice amount to webOS internalz to make this happen asap

    I am SO happy i did not leave sprint to ATT in hopes to get a Pre3. I feel bad for all the people who left. I am now a happy user of a Nexus S 4g. Not as great as webOS but better hardware, gorgeous screen and very fast with stock android on it.

    I am sure a lot of people have now picked up a Touchpad b/c it was so cheap even though they are using a different phone.

    Can we make this happen?
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    I would LOVE it if a person could patch it or mod the OS so that we can get other phone OS's(Android and iOS) to be able to pair for calls and sms, etc.

    I have an HTC Evo (rooted, OC'ed, etc) and was disappointed of the lack of this capability when I read about it a month ago. Now with not much remaining Pre3's to be available(especially in the US) I would donate if someone got this done. I may not have a webOS phone but that doesn't mean I don't like webOS.
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    I seem to not be able to get the Nexus s 4G working for phone or sms....

    the iphone 4s only works for calls both incoming and outgoing. no go on the SMS

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