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    Hello everyone,

    I am a new owner of a brand new HP TouchPad. I already installed Preware and would like some advice on what to download.

    I already overclocked to 1.5ghz and saw a nice little bump in speed.

    What else would the community advice to download and install.

    I am new to webOS, but have been a fan before this.

    Thanks for any advice and reply's.
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    I would recommend the following patches:
    Muffle System Logging
    Remove Dropped Packet Logging
    Unthrottle Download Manager

    These help make the OS more efficient as well. I'm waiting on the overclocking kernels until they are out of the testing feeds. Other than that, feel free to browse. Lots of good stuff in there! I'm still getting a feel for how I'm using the Touchpad (its on its 3rd week, but I've been a Pre owner for 2 years), and will probably do some more patch/mods over time...
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    Thank you so much.
    Yea i'll be putting a lot of time on this website.
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    And I recommend PondNotes in the app catalog..
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    welcome. Joining this community is probably the best thing you can do to help you enjoy your new Touchpad.

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    Welcome aboard! TapNotes and Typewriter Beta are good apps for taking notes, memos, or writing letters that can be converted to Word docs. Don't forget that you get a FREE 50GB cloud storage account on Also note that the TouchPad's browser reports as a desktop browser, so sites like will work on your TouchPad.

    The other thing to note is that the first day or so will feel a little sluggish at times if you have a lot of accounts hooked in with Synergy (Facebook, Google mail, MS Exchange, etc...). So make sure you let your TouchPad have some time alone with a good wifi router to synch everything up and smooth out the experience some more. If the keyboard isn't the right size, don't forget that you can hold the hide keyboard button (bottom right key on the virtual keyboard) until a selection comes up for XS, S, M, and L sized keyboards.

    If you want easy charging, and to use the TouchPad as a picture frame, agenda viewer, or weather station, you can pick up a TouchPad TouchStone charger/stand that will charge your TouchPad inductively (wireless charging) while displaying it proudly.

    Most importantly, have fun!

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