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    So as an employee of best buy in Canada, i just wanted to let you guys know that the amount of calls we have received about the HP touchpad is unreal.

    I work in the computer department, so we have been receiving all the calls. We have had to make somebody stand around and just keep picking up the phone letting people know we don't have it. The phone is constantly ringing.

    Just goes to show you guys that the demand for these are absolutely crazy.

    On a related note, the reason we never had any was because all the employees took them before they were out on the floor.

    As well the demo models are NOT FOR SALE. They are specially shipped units that have different software.

    Just thought you guys might have wanted to know
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    thanks, that cheered me up a bit.
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    I worked electronics retail at two different stores during, and after, the nintendo wii launch. We received huge amounts of people every week for minimal (1 - 3 unit) shipments, and calls off the hook.

    Also yeah we always bought the best deals before they hit the floor

    Did your location have like 5 touchpads to begin with? I don't imagine BB stocking tons of them if they weren't selling many
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    Why stand around answering phones? Have someone update the intro message on pbx/ucs to include that the touchpad is sold out along prior to your usual recorded message.
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    I called RadioShack and they answered their phone "Thanks for calling RadioShack, we are out of HP Touchpads"
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    the best buy employees bought them all up now they are trying to sell them at a 200% markup on eBay...
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    The best buy I called earlier today in Bellvue, WA had their automated recording say they are out of Touchpads before even offering menu options. Its crazy how many people suddenly jumped on the webOS bandwagon, too bad office depot screwed my order up and I didn't get mine!
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    One can only wonder what would have happened if the TouchPad was introduced at $350 for the 16GB and $400 for the 32GB. Maybe HP could have actually sold a boat load without losing their shirts over it. This whole mess just goes to show you that people were very interested in the HP TouchPad, but just couldn't justify to themselves spending that much money. When Staples sold it for $300, they sold out. People who buy the iPads generally have more pocket money to blow.

    Now if HP will just find a way to keep momentum going a little, at least until they get webOS on someone other company's devices (or change their mind and put out a newer, cheaper version of the TouchPad, like Samsung did - make it thinner and tighten the specs).
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    We had almost no inventory.

    We had a sale about 2 weeks ago for staff at 129 for a 16 gig, and staff everywhere were going crazy for it, while i just ordered it online with my discount. We were out of stock because of this.

    I actually had my order still going through online when the fire sale happened, so they just reduced mine to 99 and i got it at that price, they sent a mass email to all employees saying that everyone who ordered on staff pricing will be lowered to the 99 price and still receive theirs.

    We were not allowed or change our message, or say we were out of stock right away, or put a sign at the front door, because it would be turning away customers.
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    lol, thats funny, the employees getting first dibs
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    why aren't you folks taking price matching?

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