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    Another quick question, can someone answer if the touchpad will work with the following wireless setup? It is my school's setup and would be detrimental if this did not work...
    Wireless network standards: 802.11b/g
    Protocol type: 802.1x
    Network name SSID: UB_Secure (case sensitive)
    Security standard: WPA2 Enterprise or WPA2
    Protocol & authentication: EAP/PEAP with MSChapV2 or EAP-TTLS with PAP
    Encryption: AES (WPA2) or TKIP (WPA2 Enterprise)
    Assigning IP addresses: DHCP
    Other identity: blank
    CA Certificate: Secure Server Certificate
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    Seems pretty standard for "g", so, I'd say yes.
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    well that depends, if the cert has to be on the Touchpad... not sure if its PEAP where you dont need a client side certificate I would think its ok...

    I do 802.11 wireless for a living just FYI.

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