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    Has anyone who bought a "Fire Sale" TP from HP or ANY source actually received confirmation that their TP is out the door and on its way??
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    Received a Tracking number from a 1:37pm MST order.
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    Yup. Mine will be here in the morning VIA fedex.
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    hp friday nite order, confirm email sunday noon, nothing further :/
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    so jealous of you two! i have 2 orders from different brands, but neither have sent a tracking code or shipping email. bah! this is so lame.
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    Nothing from HP yet. Just says "Item being processed Tracking provided upon shipment." Friday night order, but they took my money on Sat.
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    Ordered 9 from Best Buy friday, 5 tracking numbers received, waiting on 4 more. I really hope you get your's!!
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    Shipping numbers on both HP and Amazon.
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    I have item being processed from hp site. I ordered fri night
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    Got my tracking information from CDW for my 32 GB Touchpad.
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    Ordered Friday night and like the others I'm stuck in "processing." Not shipping yet.
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    ordered 2 from different places and got charged for both my orders but no tracking # yet.
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    I've got to say I expected (hoped) to see more people with shipping status. :-\
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    I ordered Friday night from HP and it was shipped out today.
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    Nothing from HP or Bestbuy
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    I bought one from and its been shipped.
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    Tracking Number from WalMart. It shipped the afternoon of the 20th.
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    Ordered mine Friday night from
    Confirmation Sunday morning
    Tracking number today.
    Estimated delivery 8/25!
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    Ordered mine friday night from All I have gotten so far is my email confirmation, which I received on Sunday morning.

    Are they sending tracking numbers through email or are you guys just checking the status of your order?
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