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    Just got some tracking numbers from HP, but they appear to be for different packages, as one was delivered in Sept. and the other has been traveling from Tennessee for the last few days.
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    give it a day or so. Hp recycles tracking #s. Mine took about 16 hours to be updated with the correct info. Mine will be delivered on saturday
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    Here's something new:

    Yesterday the tracking numbers finally showed up for my Friday night order. I was one of those who ordered a 32 GB unit + a ream of paper + $30 off coupon, and it turned out I received two different tracking numbers. One for the TP, one for the paper. The tracking numbers are similar, started identically but the last six numbers are totally different.

    So this morning I checked and the tracking number for the paper shows that it's arrived and out for delivery (Fedex usually gets to my area around 2pm or so), but the TP tracking number still showing 'not found'.

    Do you think I'll be getting a surprise TP today, together with the paper?

    Anybody else received different tracking numbers if they added something else/use a coupon?
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    Mine was sitting on my front step when I left the house to go to work this morning. It's doing an upgrade on my desk right now as I speak.
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