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    Fedex delivery scheduled for 8/23.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    Has anyone who bought a "Fire Sale" TP from HP or ANY source actually received confirmation that their TP is out the door and on its way??
    I ordered one from Best Buy yesterday morning and received confirmation tonight that it is on its way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tp2386 View Post
    Are they sending tracking numbers through email or are you guys just checking the status of your order?

    I just kept checking the status of my order at I first got the shipping number Sunday morning and when i checked the tracking number it showed it was from 2010. That was just because the item hadn't actually shipped yet and they reuse numbers. Monday morning I checked again and the tracking number now shows delivery date of Aug 25th and my bank account went from pending charge to posting the charge.

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    Ordered from Amazon through Onsale and says Shipping estimate:August 22, 2011 - August 23, 2011. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I'll have a tracking number. Funds have already been taken from my account.
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    No tracking info on 2 tp from HP
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    Ordered 2 32GB from HP on Friday around midnight EDT. Got tracking numbers Sunday 8PM EDT. Was told price would adjust and credit would be issued upon shipment. It did not. Called HP Monday 11:45AM. On hold for 10-15 minutes. Took about 10 minutes for them to issue the credit. ETA 8/25
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    Mine gets delivered on Wednesday (which means I have to keep messing around with the one I get to use at work). I got mine through Newegg, though, and I have to make sure they end up getting HP to refund them and subsequently refund me, or I have to take some action.

    Hopefully, we have a lot of webOS faithful getting some. I know some of our fellow users haven't had luck getting them. It's why I took a chance and just bought it from Newegg, whom I knew had stock and always seem to have an accurate inventory system.
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    Sams Club online..."The Item has been initialized within the shipping group"...all weekend then again the site said shipments will go out on the 24th so here hoping.
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    I ordered Friday night and was told I got one of the last five 32gb's. Got confirmation and shipping Sunday, but FedEx number was for some other order from a year ago. This morning the tracking number transferred to me and it shows delivery on 8/29 since I chose free shipping.
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    Ordered mine today from tigerdirect and have received my tracking #.
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    Ordered 2 x 16GB Friday night on HP EPP site using a $30 coupon. Received tracking numbers this evening.
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    I still see the orig prices on tigerdirect...
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    Received UPS tracking number for mine from BB this evening saying that it would arrive on the 25th. UPS tracking shows that it was picked up already.
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    Everything was looking great for my B&N touchpad, but alas, the NO TOUCHPAD FOR YOU letter just hit my e-mail inbox.

    Thankfully, I have my 32 gig here in my lap from a trip to staples . Would have been nice to snag another though. Ahh well, no biggie!
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    ordered mine from bestbuy Sunday morning
    got my tracking number today
    will have it the 24th
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    Has anybody who ordered on ebay from Datavis gotten further information yet? I ordered with expedited shipping but haven't heard anything yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcard30 View Post
    Ordered mine today from tigerdirect and have received my tracking #.
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    ordered 8/20 from, order confirm 8/20, ship confirm 8/22, delivery 8/23
    ordered 8/20 from, order confirm 8/20, no further info.
    ordered 8/21 from onSale via, order confirm 8/21, status says "shipping soon"

    I'll track each with my Palm Pre Plus webOS app "Pack 'n' Track".
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    The one I bought from Tigerdirect yesterday is already out for delivery today.
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    Ordered from Barnes & Noble and

    all I got was a rock.
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