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    I was just wondering if anyone on here got a shipping confirmation on their Best Buy orders for the TouchPad. I ordered mine early Sunday morning (PST) and when i go check to see when its going to ship it says null-null. Just getting an idea of whats going on as far as people receiving theirs.
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    Same here....wife's says null/null, mine says 0-1 day to fulfill, but no ship date.
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    I had 2 different orders with Best Buy. Both were confirmed with emails. Checked order status at BB and 1 said null/null and they other said ship in 0/1 days. Called BB and talked to customer rep who said that the null/null ones were ones that were rejected and would not be shipped. I just received an tracking no. on the 0/1 order saying that it would arrive on the 25th. Good luck on receiving your null/null order TP's.
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    I got a shipping confirmation at 2:45 today with a tracking number.
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    I ordered one Sunday morning then stood in line and got another. Got a confirmation email shortly after, but later in the morning, received another email saying it was on back order. This morning I received another email saying my credit card had been charged and my order has shipped. Coming UPS ground.
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    my order number is like 4098100XXXXX and still in process. I called ealier and they told me it's out of stock...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ginasno1 View Post
    I got a shipping confirmation at 2:45 today with a tracking number.
    Around what time did you order yours on Sunday Morning?
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    I ordered mine around 8 am on Sunday. After the order had vanished for some time it's back in the system right now. It says shipping in 0-1 day.

    After all you know this should be a good sign, right? My order-number begins with 4097.
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    ordered mine about 7:15 sunday morning, mine still 0-1 days and i have not received an conf. email yet.
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    I ordered two, a 16 and a 32. Yesterday afternoon, I received confirmation that the 32 had shipped, but not the 16.

    When I was in the process of ordering, I noticed two things: both the 16 and 32 said "usually ships in 0-1 days", but also the "estimated delivery date" on the 16 was a couple days after the date on the 32. Because of that I wasn't surprised to see the 32 ship first.
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    Ordered mine @ 6:30 central time. Got the confirmation email. Log in to see info on it and it says "in process" Should ship withing 0-1 day.

    Heres to hoping something works out!
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    According to the email they sent it will arrive today.
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    My shipping status is just 'in progress'... dunno what that means, bought it yesterday but haven't had an email telling me it's shipped yet
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    I don't count on getting one anymore. The status didn't change since Sunday.
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    I got my shipping confirmation the other day.
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    mine hasnt changed yet either, but im not suprised, (
    bought sunday morning 7:15 est.) they sold more than they could have ever expected. i am sure they are very backed up, plus if you ordered over the weekend day zero would have been yesterday and 1 would be today. if nothing by the end of the day then i would be a little more concerend.
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    Mine has shipped, with tracking number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Preluva View Post
    According to the email they sent it will arrive today.
    UPDATE: It's here! Well got here several hours ago actually. Now to sell it to my coworker!
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    I also ordered on Sunday, received confirmation and the ha d the null update, order disappeared, etc. Just received shipping confirmation. Yeah me!
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    Just got my shipping email confirmation. Ordered mine Sunday Morning 5am (pst) and received the shipping confirm today around 3pm(pst.) good luck to the rest of you waiting for your TPs to be shipped.

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