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    I've got a screenshot of my CDW confirmation, and a confirmation email, but if I check order status it says "order not found." Should I worry?

    I never got a second email from B&N.

    BTW, this is the message on their live chat at the moment:

    System: You are number (220) in queue. Estimated wait time is 1 hours 12 minutes 18 seconds
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    I use CDW a lot and have a dedicated rep
    she said their systems have been up and down all day due mostly to people touchpad hunting.

    I'm not saying she'll be able to look it up and verify but PM me the order number and I'll ask her nicely to look it up and see if it's in the system
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    mine comes up that way too, i placed mine at noon
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    Same situation, and waiting on chat hold currently. I ordered at 11:32.
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    Same here. To be frank I am not expecting my order to go through. It just seems like mission impossible at the moment so I'll be very surprised if it does go through and gets shipped.
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    talking to my CDW rep... orders placed after 10:30 CST will more than likely be cancelled due to diminished stock

    sorry guys
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    Customer service rep at CDW:

    "Unfortunately, we have been informed this product is no longer available and we will not be getting any more stock. Your order has been canceled. I apologize for the inconvenience."

    She said that they would be emailing everyone who's order was cancelled.
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    I'll be in that boat too then since my order was after 10:30 CST. What I expected really.
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    Just got a call from cdw, on my ride home from wr0k. My order has been canceled. They report thousands of others will be as well.


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