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    Did anyone order from Ebay seller datavision before the total collapse ? I purchased one some time around the first of August (the first drop in price, $349). I called the other day and they said they are waiting on word from HP to see what is to be done. It sounded as if they might offer a refund of some sort since they are a HP reseller. But told me to call back. Blah.
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    I did after they price-dropped on Ebay Saturday. Check out the email I got this morning:

    We would first like to thank you for your purchase of the HP TouchPad over the weekend. As I am sure you saw, the item sold out almost immediately. This will be the first of a series of email notifications and status updates in order for you receive the latest and most up to date status on the order without having to phone or email our systems.

    As of 5pm EST on 8/23, we anticipate shipping these towards the end of this week.
    We will certainly keep you updated as we know exact dates by email, Facebook, and Twitter.

    We have freight tracking # from HP with enough orders so that everyone will receive their complete order.
    For those that ordered 10, 50, or 100, they will be PARTIALLY filled this week, and the balance FILLED most likely next week. It is the only fair thing to do, as we are assuring that everyone will get their FULL order without any canceling.

    Currently the order process will be the following:
    -Over the next day or two, we will start the "Invoicing" stage. This is when our systems take your order status from "Active/Open" to the packing stage.
    -Following the Invoicing, a shipping label will be created, and emailed to you.

    *Please note, when you receive this email notice, it is GREAT NEWS, as it means it is almost out the door.
    Also, the tracking # will NOT scan right away, so please do not panic or get concerned.

    We have to start the order flow now, as the multiple shipping stations can only print invoices/receipts/tracking decals but so fast.
    Based on the timing, it is the best scenario for you to get your item(s) fastest.

    Thank you for your patience as we have been literally bombarded with calls, emails, and website hits.
    We are doing our very best to process each call and email, and apologize for any delay.
    In order for us to focus on order processing, we would kindly request you send emails if there are any urgent request, as we can handle them much faster.

    If you do need to cancel for any reason, we can certainly honor this request. Please reply with the following:

    Order #
    Payment ID
    user nickname
    email address

    *If you have made a request to cancel already, you should see that process and refund in the next 12 hours or so.

    Thank you once again,

    **There will be future emails with updates. You may also want to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see current statuses.

    Finally, we completely understand your situation in wanting this product as timely as possible. We certainly hope that once we deliver your TouchPad, you will take consider the fact we followed through on the order completely, as opposed to other retailers canceling orders with simple apologies.
    You deserve the item you ordered, at the incredible price paid, and we intend to deliver for you. All of our sites, and marketplaces received over 10,000 orders in total, and it has simply been overwhelming.

    Thank you once again for your continued patience, and please reply to this email only if you need to cancel.

    DataVision Computer Video
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    I had orders in for two TB 16 GB units. Sounds like they are history. I even ordered the HP cases separately. I sure hope that HP restocks.

    Valued DataVision Customer,

    You have been incredibly patient through the entire ordering process for the HP Touchpad, and for that, we are appreciative beyond what words can describe.

    We received another round of unfavorable news today regarding the inbound shipments of the Touchpads. We can not express how sorry we are to have to share this news with you. While detailing the past week's events below, we kindly request you read through them and understand the entire picture before forming an opinion of us.

    To help rectify the situation, we will be doing the following:
    -On Thursday, September 8, you will be receiving a coupon valued up to $50 directly from eBay for your inconvenience. The unique code will come from eBay directly to your email address registered on file within your account.
    -On Wednesday, August 31, we will process all refunds for those that did not receive their product. We felt best option would be to refund each cusotmer as opposed to holding on totheir funds any longer.
    -We received a few more Touchpads and will process those shipments on Wednedsay, August 31st.
    -We still have plenty of units on order, and hope to receive more as HP produces them. We will of course email you directly when they arrive and give you the option to making the purchase.

    We hope you consider our overall ratings and reviews which are "Top Tier" on the major marketplaces before you leave yours. A situation like this can be devastating to our business. Though we understand you were inconvenienced and product not delivered, we wanted you to know that this situation is certainly out of the norm, could not be expected, and we have attempted to communicate as much as humanly possible to you. Also, you will note we are going a few steps beyond the other major retailers that simply deleted orders, and moved on. Though this sale never completed, we still think of you as customers and we care about each and every one of you. We will not stop at the canceled order.

    Thank you once again for your time, patience, input, suggestions, comments, and enthusiasm. We are so appreciative of all of you, and thank you once again for the chance, and the faith you had in us to deliver this item. This catastrophe was simply out of our control and could never have been predicted. We have never seen anything like this in 25 years of being in business.


    DataVision Computer Video

    Please read below if you would like more information on what has transpired over the past week.

    They then go on to give a blow by blow of what went wrong...
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    Yep I didn't get either of my 2.

    But i'm still showing status A.
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    Like all other DataVision customers (so I'm told) my TouchPad order was ultimately canceled and my card was credited. But just now (Monday evening) I got an 'Order Confirmation' email from DataVision.

    Did they get their TouchPads and now they're shipping them?

    I'm not holding my breath. The order confirmation number in the new email is the exact same number I got a couple of weeks ago during the Mad TouchPad Dash of 2011. My gut tells me if DataVision was finally shipping some orders they would be dishing out new confirmation numbers.
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    Got the refund on Saturday.
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    They inadvertently sent out confirmation email messages again...when they were intending to send out personalized cancellation messages.

    These guys really are tools.
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