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    Think about what might have been if HP had:
    • Seeded app developers in prizes and bounties with $10 million for new apps.
    • Sold Touchpads to existing Pre/Veer owners through carriers at the $99/149 fire sale price ... on the condition that the carriers carry the Pre3. The Sprint customer based would have eaten this up and Sprint would have locked in a ton of Pre customers for another 2 years.
    • Spent $100 million buying down the price of an admittedly pokey product with promise of preferred pricing when the second generation product came out ... and finally have some street cred with the user based to back it up.

    Darnit guys ... you could have salvaged the thing for a lot less money and built a huge based of installed products and happy developers. Instead, we're left hoping Samsung and HTC don't leave webOS twisting in the wind. You were right about webOS ... it is better and deserves to live.

    A little more of that vision stuff and you'd have a company instead of whatever the heck you're trying to transition into.

    Better yet, let's spin webOS off into yet another separate company and fund it well enough to do all of the above. We can call it ... Palm.
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    I totally agree with your premise. I switched to a Nexus 4G in May and I had/have no intentions of switching back to the HP/Palm platform.

    With that said...If HP announced a deal for a 16gb Touchstone and a Pre3 on Sprint for $300 with a new contract, I wouldve been ALL OVER that deal.

    I said something similar a long time ago. HP/Palm needed to do one of two things, 1 - Get developers. Or 2 - Get users. Getting users is preferred because it brings developers on board also. HP shouldve done a MASSIVE media blitz (Manny Pacquio doesnt qualify) and made all sorts of deals like mine above. Also, pay money directly to every phone sales person who sells a good number of webOS devices. Whoever sells the most from each store every month, gets $500. You'd see a lot of webOS device pushing...even if they dont like them.

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