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    Now that the platform is being abandoned, can any of you rocket surgeons figure out if the USB port can be hacked to provide full host capabilities? If it is simply a software issue, then get going on it. I'd pay good money for a patch, utility or app that can access this port for moving data off the device. Video out would rock.

    If it is a hardware issue, then what is it going to take? This group can create a Frankenpre then why not hack the port?
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    I was wondering the same thing, if Video out is possible in the same manner as the Droid Incredible does Video out. I think the microUSB to AV that the incredible uses is software related, I think the Cyanogenmod folks were looking into it as well. If this could be developed into an app or piggy back on the USB host thing, that would be AWESOME!
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    I don't have the low down on this topic but can say this much:
    From a hardware perspective the Touchpad has what it takes to enable USB host mode through the Micro USB port.

    The webOS internals folks are looking into this and as to how they can hack and leverage this hidden feature.

    Stay tuned for more coming news on this topic
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    Thanks RICKV. I was hoping to hear something like this. I just heard on Bagel Tech News today that Displaylink has launched a USB to HDMI convertor. Engaget link

    DisplayLink announces USB 3.0-to-HDMI adapter, 2560 x 1600 resolution panels get supported -- Engadget
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    Not being much of a techie at all, I don't know if this relates to the exact topic the OP is talking about, but did you see this on the Pre Central opening page a couple of weeks or so ago?

    HP TouchPad already has USB host support; webOS 2.2 prepped for SD cards [video] | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |

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