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    I ordered from yesterday (sunday) morning. The order was taken on the phone and i was told i'd get an email confirmation today. I went on line to check my order status at 3:40 pm today and saw my order and it says "order in process of being fulfilled. Usually ships in null-null days." so i called and cs rep said no guarantees on getting it. Same line of best buy sold out and "i can't tell you what we have in warehouses." the catch 22: she said i can't cancel because the order is stillin process. How bizarre. If i get it i get it if not oh well. Thinking bb was guaranteed i cancelled my order with hp small biz this morning.
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    I ordered a 32gb TouchPad Sunday morning too before going to wait in line. I got my confirmation email very quickly, but then also got another email saying it was back ordered. Today I received another email saying that my credit card has been charged and it has been shipped. Though the UPS tracking number can't locate it yet. Fingers crossed.
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    "order in process of being fulfilled. Usually ships in null-null days."

    That what mine says also. Out of my 3 orders that I got email confirmations of, that was the one I felt most secure with. Being after 5pm today and nothing being shipped and statuses remaining the same throughout the day, I'm not so sure I got one anymore. On a good note, my patience has been totally replenished from the weekend.
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    spoke to bb corporate this morn, HP has stock to fill bb orders, bb forwards order to HP to ship.

    so hang tight, HP twittered they have more stock this afternoon

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