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    Is it possible to unlock the potencial of Bluetoth conection on the TB?
    1.Pair with any cell phone (lock now to webOS phone only)
    2.Push object, sending files (not available)
    3.Use the video camara

    It will be great to have bluetooth working as intented and not block.
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    I'm wondering the same thing - the reality is that the majority of Touchpad owners are never going to own a WebOS OS phone even if they wanted to - they simply aren't available.

    Is it possible to do anything or is it simply locked down?
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    anyone know if the touchpad has Bluetooth serial port? I want to make an analog foot pedal/scroll wheel for a "soon" to be released teleprompter app.
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    Would be good
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    Yes, it does have serial port support. There's a mojo example of Bluetooth SPP in the SDK

    To pair your device with any other device, shut off Bluetooth from the upper right hand corner menu, reboot the device, open the "FreeTether" app available from Homebrew, turn on Bluetooth on Freetether, attempt to pair FROM your device, when it fails, open the Bluetooth Settings from the upper right hand corner menu, then try to pair FROM your device again.

    You can pair it with pretty much anything that will recognize it, however it seems to be somewhat limited in ability. Like, my computer recognizes it as a Headset, Speakerphone, Music/Audio, and file transfer device. However, I can't seem to get any of the rest of it to work except for pushing files to the Touchpad, where they appear in the /tmp folder. My old LG Rumor makes quite a capable telephone device for the Touchpad, though.
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    Great tip, can't believe I got my Centro (yeah, I know) to pair with the TouchPad for file transfer. Don't know what, if anything, else it can do, but we'll see.

    At first was in a (semi) panic because files (in this case, photos) which I transferred to \tmp could only be copied to other directories. I could not delete them.

    However, after a reboot, the files disappeared...whew!

    Again, nice tip, thank you.
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    I got it to work but it won't let me make more than one call and it gives me an error message so I have to reset it between calls in order to place another call

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