I am an ipad user and here’s my view:
iOS: There are so many appls on the ipad, unless the Appl gets reviewed or mentioned in the forum, to me, the appl doesn’t exist
WebOS: WebOS doesn’t have this issue. Because there’s so few appls right now, anything will net noticed.
iOS: The appl that I paid for 2 years ago must work on my iPad 3 next year. I am expecting free upgrade and most likely will not buy the same app again.
WebOS: The appl will only need to work on the touchpad for around 2 years until the battery no longer holds a charge. I don’t expect any upgrade past this generation of the device. When I move to the next one (Android or whatever), I will have a tendency to seek for the appls that I was familiar with on the touchpad. That translates into additional sales for a new platform. Familiarity is the best way to keep a customer.
iOS: Because of its popularity, hackers/crackers pay more attention to it. There are jailbreak, cracked appls. Among the tinkers/students, jailbreak and “free appls” are rather popular. The percentage maybe small but it will only get bigger.
WebOS: I don’t know of any above issue for touchpad. I don’t have one yet so I may be behind the curve on this one.
iOS: My expectation is only getting higher. The moment someone shows be similar but better appl, you’ll hear about it.
WebOS: as long as the appl works for its intended purposes, I’ll tell all my webOS friends about it. The chance that someone has something better is next to none.