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    Plenty of people have recieved that email m8 they basically have you on the system but they dnt have any stock at the moment but they are supposadly gtn a 1000 more stock in so just hope for the best

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    Here comes the long agonising wait lol

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    I think it's slightly bad busiessmanship to sell what you don't have. But hey fingers crossed :/
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    Oh carphone warehouse....I am singing this song this song is for you
    Now get of the toilet and ensure a touchpad for YOU and YOU.
    HP have gone and done their poo now common warehouse
    Share the house with us!

    Sorry was just bored and slightly annoyed with carphone warehouse so thought I would display it in a song....
    Hope you guys like it *sigh*
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    I received the following from cpw

    Dear xxx,

    Thank you for choosing to purchase your HP Touchpad at The Carphone Warehouse. We're writing to let you know that unfortunately due to high demand, there has been a slight delay in processing your order.

    We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your request has been completed, and to organise delivery for all successful orders. This may take up to a week for a small number of customers but we are working hard to minimise the delay.

    We have not taken any money from your account, and will not do so unless we send you an order confirmation email.

    We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience with this issue.

    What do you need to do now?

    You don't need to do anything - there is no need to contact us; we are in the process of placing your order.

    Alternatively, if you wish to cancel your order, you can call us on 0870 087 0870*, dialling option 1, then option 4.

    If you've already received an e-mail updating you on the status of your order, please disregard this message.

    We apologise once again for this delay, and hope to process your order shortly.

    Many thanks for choosing The Carphone Warehouse.

    The Carphone Warehouse Team

    And I think that they have already charged me because my credit card gets declined from other stores and I haven't done a lot of purchases the last 3 days to push it to the limit. Is there any chance that they have taken the money from my card and never dispatch the product?
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    Id wait it out till friday, ul probly no wt's goin on by then, most probley earlier, I havnt chcked if my cards been taxed yet

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    Got my order confirmation email yesterday but no SMS or update emails since then

    Will be raging if they don't fulfil my order. They've taken the cash......
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    Dito I received email and text I wonder how many more orders than people they have...
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    My order was canceled
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    What the hell is wrong with cpw, they had 340 in stick this mornimg and sold out in 10 mins y the hell arnt they shipping them of to the people who have allready ordered, jesus christ
    The souce for this info was adroiduknews
    Get ur priorities ryt cpw :-(
    Sum+ also said there will b another stock check on wednesday but who no's

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    Yup, I've got 1 x 16GB out for delivery today which I ordered from CPW. Got a text yesterday with my tracking number.
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    I think if they've charged your card you're probably good to get your order - they shouldn't do that unless you've definitely got your order through. I've still had no update, so I'm working on the assumption no news is good news and I'm hoping the fact I had my confirmation through before some other people did who've gone on to get their orders through is a good sign.

    Amusingly, I have just had an email from them saying that they've got my email query sent yesterday and will respond to it...within 4 working days. Which takes it well into next week when I'll know anyway! Man, they sure like stringing it out.
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    I have only got the text and email am so annoyed that there not keeping updated and so jealous of the people that have already received theirs from CPW....
    The fact that they can't confirm whether I am going to get one is annoying they just say we will contact you within a week
    Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh
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    cpw have 1152 touchpads at the warehouse apparently
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    Quote Originally Posted by noobftw View Post
    cpw have 1152 touchpads at the warehouse apparently
    Thanks. Whats your source?
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    saurce is androiduknews twitter and i just got of the phone to a guy at cpw and he told me if you placed an order you will defo get a touch pad yeahhhhhhsssshhhh , but im still not 100% convinced till i recieve the shipping email, and even them i myt of entered my credit cad details in wrong so god no's whats going to happen with my order, i entered in card type: switch..... instead of mastercard, so im goosed if it doesnt auto correct my mistake ohhh welll good look every1
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    Received Email and Text saying that touchpad has been shipped. This was at 12.38pm GMT.
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    So, did you order online Monday evening?
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    this is rediculous i must of ordered as soon as the site changed the price at around 6:15 and yet i still dont have a shipping email pftttttt
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