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    Tigerdirect has discounted their touch pads! Get them while they last!
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    Can't connect to TigerDirect at the moment...
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    I was in the middle of purchasing one when it went down.
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    I get an internal server error. Also check circuit city
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    Site not coming up. Must be slammed or down now.
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    16GB at Tiger Direct:

    "One of the products could not be added to your cart..."
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    all 3 sites are slammed.. not responding..
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    Only Available "In-Store" whatever that means for CompUS now...
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    i added a 16 and a 32 to my card, by the time it get to checkout, the 16gb was removed. now im having trouble subitting the order at all.
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    Anybody have any luck? The website has slowed to a crawl
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmp32 View Post
    Only Available "In-Store" whatever that means for CompUS now...

    There is at least one CompUSA store in Houston, been there maybe a year, maybe a little less. I had no idea they were TigerDirect though (which is what I gather from this thread).
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    Both the 32GB and 16GB at Tigerdirect couldnt be added to my cart
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    Completed a purchase through TigerDirect. Took 30 minutes of waiting and multiple windows. Was on hold for 25 minutes waiting for someone on the phone as well.
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    got the 32 in my cart a and them when I went to checkout it said its no longer available..
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    Just called the Houston location....sold out. TD site took me all the way to checkout then told me they were sold out.
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    haha now they list the 16gb for 999.99 hahaha
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    Watched the last one go out of Best Buy before me yesterday.
    Tiger's Cart mysteriously emptied on my when I went to purchase it today...

    Someone doesn't want me to have one of these things...
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    I was on the submit order and it wouldn't submit. Then their site went down, and now their $999.99 for the 16gb version.

    Dang! I wanted another one--hopefully a 32gb if not, a 16gb.
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    As of 19:50 GMT (3:50 PM EDT) - we're out of luck for online purchases:

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