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    My and several other DEMO pads have been able to create or login to webOS profile and are fully functional. Once you doctor you should be able to just login normally, no fix needed anymore! yeeeeeeeeeeeey!
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    That awesome news. so I don't have to doctor it now i can login in demo pads now?
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    The demo unit I purchased from Officemax on Saturday was unlocked. I just created my account! So awesome, so glad i held onto over the weekend!
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    you still have to use the webOS doctor to get rid of the DEMO programing. But thats it, once it reboots to the setup screen you are good to go! Create or sign in to a webOS profile.
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    Hate to be a PITA but are there *****-proof instructions to unlocking a Touchpad from this demo mode? I have one and just want to get it right - or return it!

    You guys certainly seem to have a handle on this stuff! Thanks!
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    This will get you pointed in the right direction, though you may only need to do the webos doctoring part now since HP appears to have unlocked the capability of the demo units to log into webos profiles.
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    it now allows me to try to login but it keeps saying "try again later"
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    Anyone else had any luck?
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    I still can't log in with developer account or create a simple webos account (even with impotash) in my 32gb demo touchpad, i think my serial number still locked.

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