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    Quote Originally Posted by BeckeyJane View Post
    (I pre ordered mine from Amazon )
    I just spoke with Amazon after my email got denied AGAIN! she said all the orders that said they were going to get credited need to go through a manager to get approved. She said they probably will get cancelled.
    SO- if you got the email confirm that you will get a credit the golden question is.. Has it been deposited to your bank account yet???
    Yes, I received a confirmation email for the refund, and it has appeared on my Amazon Store Card account as a special promotional credit.
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    I finally had success. Order #104-4623767-6830642. Had $420 credited to my credit card. Good luck.
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    I think the first thing everyone should do when they get a rep on the phone is to ask for a manager right away if only managers can give the refund. I know reps are going to try to get you to talk to them but politely ask for a manager and assure the rep that they will need to get a manager anyway for the problem you are having. If the manager is being a *****, ask for their manager.

    I imagine this is quite frustrating, but if you want this bad enough you will keep pushing. I still recommend calling HP and asking them about what can be done.

    Good luck and keep up the fight!
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    Perhaps a concerted protest action such as everyone writing he better business bureau, etc. would be helpful. I can't imagine Amazon wanting bad publicity over an unsustainable policy. I've written them an email. This is my second attempt at a refund. But the whole need to go through such a process to fight for a refund is ridiculous.
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    Well so far I've tried 3 emails and one chat no avail. I keep getting CS reps from India whom claim they do not have the authorization to give refunds for TP purchases prior to Aug 12. When I asked who had the authority to make an exception to the policy, I was told `noone on their end had that authority` and he quickly ended the chat session. I will try calling tomorrow.
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    I'll try one more email with the 3 order #'s that were provided showing they got the credit. Ill be asking for the same...
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    Still no luck. Over an hour with three levels of customer service (although I don't know if they were really managers) last Thursday. Friday's call was with someone in the "escalation department" since I used the satisfaction survey email to get them to call me. They could see that my previous call had been forwarded for review, as the manager had promised. I was offline all weekend so I just sent a follow-up email. Chat was not available. I'll try tomorrow.
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    Amazon, not 3rd party
    I was a proud supporter of Palm, HP
    WebOS running on the Palm Pre, Pixi, and now the TouchPad.

    Amazon =
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    The reps I've spoken with today have all said that Amazon should unequivocally not be doing these refunds anymore, and reps that have have been reprimanded. Spoke to three reps and a supervisor. Amusingly, I point-blank asked the supervisor what she would do in my place. "Honestly, I'd get it off ebay and return it to us, that way you're still saving some money."

    That's what I was thinking of doing anyway. As much as it pains me to give an opportunist a $100ish profit, it'll save me ~$350 instead of the full $450. If you are somehow successful in getting the refund, it's likely now because the rep and/or supervisor didn't know any better.

    How ridiculous.
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    I'm just reporting back in to confirm I got my refund. It's in the bank.
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    This might be good news for those still fighting for the refund and haven't returned it yet.

    Touchpad, Pre 3 & Veer Refunds

    Maybe something similar is on the cards for US purchases as well.
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    How long did it take from the email confirm to get the $ in your bank?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeckeyJane View Post
    How long did it take from the email confirm to get the $ in your bank?

    My phone call was on a Saturday afternoon. The initial email was received almost immediately, the auto-confirmation email was received within a couple of hours, and the funds were posted to my account sometime Monday evening. I was told 2-3 business days. i was going to give it until Wednesday night before thinking about re-contact Amazon.
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    anyone else have any luck, so far I have not been able to get a refund of difference. I might have to send my touchpad back.
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    My problem is that I don't have the time to make a bunch of calls. I found out the Director of Customer Service's phone number and left a message yesterday, but have heard nothing. Tomorrow I'm going to write an email to Jeffrey Bezos, the CEO and see if that does anything. If not, then I'm going to write the Better Business Bureau. I don't see how Amazon can justify not giving the refund, after giving it to so many others.
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    I did another chat and its a no!! I am getting it ready to return, Ill keep it over labor day weekend then say goodbye. Hopefully I can catch the 2nd wave of HP sales and get the deal EVERYONE else did!!

    I can't keep doing this!

    Congrats to all early adopters who did get the price match from Amazon!! Guess Im NEVER PREORDERING again, cuz in the end you get SCREWED! ugh
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    I'm giving up. I ordered one at about $250 (32GB) and it's in transit. It's not $150, but I don't want to risk missing out on the second wave next month. Once it arrives in good condition, I'll return mine (I have the return label from Amazon).

    At first Amazon responded to my emails within hours. My last couple emails were ignored. My phone call that was "elevated" was to be followed up by today (9/2), but nothing... Not the Earth's most customer-centric company, in my opinion.

    I'll be letting Amazon know every time I buy something from someone else; it won't take long to exceed the $450 refund that every other retailer supported.
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    so still no change in policy, the rep I had talked to had requested that I check to see if there was a change.
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    I returned mine. I am so sad. as a Webos fan and early adopter to get treated this way is NOT FAIR. Oh well.. I will try on round 2 of HP firesale next month.

    Thanks guys for letting me vent and being on this crazy ride with me!!
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    Well, I'm giving up after trying one final time first. So I ordered a TouchPad today off eBay and will return it Amazon for the full refund. This is really annoying that Amazon is taking a hard line on their policy (forcing customers to go this route) and I hate to give money to speculators profiting off this situation (HP exiting the mobile HW business unceremoniously in a humiliating retreat) but I will at least get $300 back. I could have maybe waited to buy a Touchad until next month with Fire Sale v2 but, given how fast the stock went in round one, the chance of getting one then is not a given and who knows whether Amazon might change their policy again on returns.

    Though I can't say I won't ever order anything from Amazon again (before this I truly had no complaints - and been a Prime customer for years), I definitely will think twice on ordering any big ticket items.

    Thanks everyone for providing their experiences and related info. I wish it was more of a help in my case but at least it definitely helped some folks here.
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