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    Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to connect the TouchPad to a PC so it can be used as a tablet input. I primarily want to use it for writing math using TeX Tablet.
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    Don't want to leave you out in the cold here with no answer whatsoever, so I'll say that I have not heard of anyone accomplishing this with the touchpad yet.
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    I would recommend getting a Wacom tablet or similar. The Touchpad is really intended for finger nav, and the touch resolution isn't as fine as with an actual art tablet.

    I have a Wacom Intuos4 S. Its a wired (USB) tablet, comes with both a mouse and a pen. Its very accurate and pressure sensitive. I can sign my name or write with the pen and it looks like I'm writing on a piece of paper. They aren't that expensive either. You can also get bluetooth tablets from Wacom as well. I think the model is called Bamboo.
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    If you're not looking to spend a fortune on a Wacom (I really wish I could), I picked up a MonoPrice tablet for $40. It isn't super fancy or anything, but it does exactly what I need it to.

    Also, I'm curious as to TeX Tablet...I tried searching and didn't get a single hit. Presumably they have a website. I've got some tricky algebra courses coming up and something that would make note taking easier is worth looking into....
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    Thanks for the input, guess I'll be looking at a legit input tablet. I was just curious in using a TouchPad because they're having a firesale at the local Best Buys and it'd be cool if I could get something significantly more powerful than a Wacom for the same price. Especially since people are already working on a Gingerbread and Honeycomb port. Also, for MercuryCrest, here is the website for TeX Tablet:

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