so just left my local best buy(germantown, md) after finally getting my price match.

first walked into customer service line and attempting to get my price match and its not in the system, and a "discussion" w/ the lady about the tablet 14 day return policy(which is the same for price matching) and me insisting that best buy approved a 60 price match for the Touchpad..."yes i understand your policy but, best buy currently approved a 60 day price match for the Touchpad"

*so mr geek squad guy in the back dont whisper to the other guy about the TV's only having the 60 day price match...if you dont know how to whisper cause i can still hear you and read your time turn your back and keep you volume down*

anyway Tristan(who everyone seems to be calling on there mics) comes over and voila assists CS lady/girl w/ the transaction of return and re-purchase of device(and for those of you who did the $50 dollar rebate and didnt photo copy your receipts and upc good luck too ya) used my photo copy receipt brought in device of proof i still had it just in case...and got my super all i need to do is buy me a touchstone and another device

oh this cute chick was answering calls(apparently getting a lot of calls for touchpads) and just before i left i think i heard her say "thank you for calling germantown best buy we are currently out of touchpads how may i help you..." it put a smile on my face and i chuckled a little, so did the staff and naturally Tristan(i think a manager) advised her to answer normally...though smiling as he did it....but she was super cute(i think half brazillian half caucasian)