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    Here's a helpful list of online stores that haven't yet dropped the price on the TouchPads. If you've found any stores, let me know and I'll post it here. Also if there's any mod interested in updating this thread, go right ahead. This thread is for stores that sell online only. Stores that are selling only in-store may have the old price on the site but may already be selling at the lower price in-store.

    Additionally, just so you guys know SlickDeals also has a good list on this here. (search results) (32) (16) (16) (16?) (32?)
    (alternative) (16?)
    (alternative) (32?) (16?) (32?)
    (alternative) (16?) (16) (32) (16)

    NewEgg hasn't dropped but is out of stock for some reason. I'm guessing its possible that they're just listing out of stock and might still sell for the lower price later. (16) (32)
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    Quote Originally Posted by qdejesus View Post
    The site says they're only available in-store. :/
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    I'm waiting on Newegg. I'd like to get another one if the Android port gets completed.
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    Treo 650 --> Treo 680 --> Palm Pre Plus --> Palm Pre 2--> TOUCHPAD 32gb
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    Quote Originally Posted by qdejesus View Post
    Added, thanks.
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    I called newegg and they said the price is correct right now and if the price changes it may happen later today!
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    CDW just dropped them, but good luck getting on there. I loaded 3 in my cart and have a runtime error showing up. They're getting slammed right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwdv22 View Post
    You mean you called Zones to buy it at the discounted price?
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    You got a direct number?
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    CDW site is soo messed..everyone in the country are hitting these sites!! lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by dannrathers View Post
    CDW site is soo messed..everyone in the country are hitting these sites!! lol
    I've been watching them for about an hour and refreshing all the time. They just changed their price, loaded 3 and looks like i'm not getting any of them. I had my B&N order cancelled and still not sure if HP is going to cancel the one i placed this weekend. Need to get 2 of these for work.
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    Just got one from have 200 left..32GB only...$177 shipped.
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    phone number for zones?
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    I used my direct contact there through work. I can't get it out since its our business account manager.
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    CDW let's you add it to your cart, but when you go to checkout it "cannot complete request". I'm so ****ed, I had one order cancelled from Micro Center and then was the first person in line at Best Buy Saturday morning only to be told they weren't selling them. Then come back on Precentral later Saturday night BB changed their minds. Seeing all these people who've purchased many multiple Touchpads... MAKES ME SICK!!! Just Greedy. Ran into a guy who bought 4 and was still in line at 2 of the places I hit Saturday.

    Well, I may have actually been able to get my order through to CDW. We'll see if this one is cancelled too. I hope I just didn't order 2 though because the site crashed when I hit complete on my order.
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    Called Zones....sold out
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    Finally got through on CDW's website for 2 let's just hope the order does actually go through.
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    CDW is sold out despite their website saying they had them in stock, just called them. You may be out of luck there. I got burned by it too.
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    Yeah CDW must be getting slammed right now.
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