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    Has anyone been able to get the rebate/price match deal & warranty extension here in Canada or are we getting raped again?? I just called a rep who tried to disassociate CA from US policies.
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    I had been away from civilization for a couple of days and got caught up the news of the fire sale when I got home late Sunday afternoon.

    I grabbed my receipt and Touchpad and made a B-line to Futershop (in Canada) just before it closed on Sunday. They were well aware of the price drop and sympathetic to my plight. Though I had picked it up on the 15th of July, I was over the 14 day return policy, but I told them Best Buy had extended their return policy to 60 days just for the Touchpad (as per the news update on this site).

    Now I guess I must have struck a cord with the manager and associate as they said screw it! Give him the discount/return! So I got my $400 back.

    Now I've been pondering whether or not to get a second one with the cash, but have yet to find a store that hasn't sold out of them!
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    That was the discount? God, you wouldn't happen to be in the Toronto area would you? I would love to go to the exact store these sales people with heart exist at instead of dealing with a bunch of tin men & women. Thank god for your post, you have given me hope kind sir.
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    I went back to my futureshop and got a store credit. We bought 2. So basically I have a store credit of $800
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    awesome news, is this also in the Toronto area and were you out of the 15 days? I mean if Futureshop is doing it I can't see why I am having any preliminary troubles as well.
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    Well this sucks...I just took it back to Best Buy store and they don't want to do anything for me as an early adopter. So i'm left to *****ing a corporate inbox which i'm sure will not get replied to or dumb *** people who really do not give a damn on the phone because the store is SOL'n me. I'm getting extremely frustrated here...I have never been violated in my nether regions in such a way when it comes to a purchase. It feels like an excavation is going on with this flipping situation. God damn man, HP is the great destroyer.
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    I went to best buy as well. Tell them store 975 in Ottawa is giving refunds, so why aren't they? I asked to see a manager, and they credited me the difference. So I got the Touchpad for 99 bucks and got cash back for the difference from 450. I was one happy camper! Just look really agitated and upset and demand to see a manager and ask them why BB in Ontario and a store in Edmonton are giving refunds or price matching.
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    Were you an early adopter? That will make my case more plausible the next time they point to the 15 day return policy.
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    No luck with where I bought mine, FutureShop, yet. I have talked to their HQ in Burnaby, BC. They are aware but haven't received anything official in their corportate pipelines, both the store and HQ told me. They did however say to try back in a day or two, as the weekend had just passed and this has all happened rather rapidly.
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    That's more then I got...I fired an email at the Bestbuy corporate site and got the standard 'eff you in a polite way' message...I know Bestbuy CA also owns Futureshop too. I guess I'll just keep making noise until we get some kind of response.

    This is ridiculous...if they even gave me store credit they would get all the money back, I have a few things I want to pick up.
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    I walked up to the customer service desk in BB (Burlington Store), indicated I bought a Touchpad @ full price. I didn't have to say any more as within a minute I had $452 back into my bank account.

    If you are having issues at the desk, point them to their very own 'HP TouchPad FAQ's' page in the 'Plug-in' community site where it very clearly states that you can get the price difference refunded.
    HP TouchPad FAQ's - Best Buy Community Forums

    Now stop reading this and go get your cash back...
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    Futureshop Laval gave me a full credit!!! happy camper... specially that I was able to sell the TP 2 hours before the fire sale was announced for some good coin.... all in all, made money
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    I've been calling every day for the last week and today they finally said they would be able to.

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