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    I've been looking for answers specific to these - but would like some clarifications :

    Been a long time user of firefox (for windows / ubuntu) and have been spoiled with noscript and adblockplus. Can something similarly be implemented in the TP, while keeping "touch-zoom functionality"?

    1a) Does the native browser in the TP block advertisements or have the option to install a plug-in to prevent ads from showing up?

    1b) Is there script blocking features?

    2) Has anyone been able to actually run a RDP client like Teamviewer as a standalone application? - I saw some threads that users actually logged into their remote stations by using the web browser teamviewer portal; although using a separate client would have been great.

    3) Will I be able to install software that requires JRE - Java Runtime Environment and have the ability to launch .JNLP files?

    I would like to launch this subscription I have through this if possible :

    3b) I am thinking that I might have to remote log in to my windows pc to do this -

    4) So WebOS and antivirus/malware - I hear it's a very low risk. Would you feel comfortable accessing your financial/personal information via the native web browser or something similar?

    4b) Are there any applications available that do add something based on #4?
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    Experimental warthog kernels for webOS devices. Patches such as Muffle System Logging, Max Blocker etc.

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    Thanks @codecrumb - are all these patches / tweaks in one place on the forum apart from the link you gave? How does that ad block fair to others such as adblock plus? - not sure if you had used that or one of their plugins called "noscript" for firefox - which was awesome - basically allowed me to load only parts of website injected urls.

    @anyone else - would love to hear any points on the other Q's I had - cheers.

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