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    Quote Originally Posted by DemonHighwayman View Post
    I am living in france just now, so if you need a middleman or french address. I'm happy to help... as long as your paying the costs lol.

    Oh and where in france did you get it ? I had to order mine from canada
    Haha nice, I got it from and as you are living in France, you probably speak french quite well, the following webpage is not quite clear for me, on how Fnac handles warranty exchanges. I am still within the 10 days they say, so they pay everything including shipping?

    FNAC.COM : actualité et achat en ligne de produits culturels et techniques

    Thanks ahead!
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    Well, I got my Touchpad back from the return center. The process was pretty good, they send you out a box and you ship it back for free and get the device back in 7-10 business days.

    However, my problem was not solved whatsoever.

    HP sent me back the same Touchpad, with the accelerometer still not functioning. Nothing was fixed, and the only change to my device was the evidence that they did take it apart with some tool at the top of my screen.

    I assume they don't have any Touchpads in stock to send out as replacements, so if you too have an accelerometer that doesn't work, I wouldn't recommend sending it back unless you can confirm you will get a replacement. This problem doesn't seem to be an easy fix.
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    Wow that sucks hard!

    I still have a non functioning accelerometer, hasn't replied yet, asked for a replacement.
    However today I tried Need For Speed, and the controls work great with the accelerometer!
    How weird is that? Or am I stupid and is that a different sensor?
    Anyway, I have mine locked into portrait, in that way I can work with it. Sure hope for you you get a replacement.
    Does anyone know a way to reflash the rom? or is Webos doctor exactly that? Have tried it.

    Good luck!
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    After filling out the survey HP sent me regarding the return process, I got a call. I filled it out pretty negatively, mostly just on the repair questions.

    I ended up getting a free advanced return or something like that, worth $59, where they send one out immediately and I return mine once I get the new one.

    It was really quite easy, but I like to think this should have happened the first time around. Hope this new one works....


    I recieved my new Touchpad today, pretty much one day from when I got the call. All I can say is HP has some great customer service. Accelerometer works perfectly on my new Touchpad, and I couldn't be happier. For those that have faulty accelerometers, your best bet is to send it back to HP with hopes that they give you a different Touchpad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Newcron View Post
    My 32 GB just arrived with accelerometer defect as well. Landscape is completely upside down and portrait seems to go to one side only (in the one side that portrait doesn't work, tilting it a little left or right will make it go to landscape in the opposite side).

    It really sucks that I had waited all this time for my TouchPad to arrive broken like this

    Obviously it's under warranty but I don't know if I want to wait the weeks it'll take to ship this out, repair, and the ship back. I'm thinking of just let it go and just forget about accelerometer at all and do manual lock-unlock in whatever orientation I need it to.

    This is really irritating
    Mine worked out of the box, then about 4-5 days later the exact symptoms you describe are occuring. Guess I get to try out the warranty process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by _mh_ View Post
    Mine worked out of the box, then about 4-5 days later the exact symptoms you describe are occuring. Guess I get to try out the warranty process.
    How did it turn out for you? I just wrapped up a session with HP support, sending mine in for the exact same issue that you and the OP had, compass and rotation not working.

    My unit broke on the first day, now I will probably getting a refurb for my brand new device.
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