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    Just got 3, for the whole fam, THANKS!
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    Thank you!!!! Just bought 2!
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    thank you!!
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    Already got mine earlier tonight on Amazon, but I am happy it's becoming easier now to find it seems, hope everyone on precentral who wants one can get one, then at the end of this crazy thing we can all sit down together and discuss how we can best play with our new, orphaned, but still awesome toys.
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    Woohoo..... Thanks, just got 2 and I have been looking all night. Thanks.
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    Just picked one up just in case if the Amazon order doesn't pan out... thanks!!!

    lol got the unable to process order... paid with paypal...
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    Copy that. After refreshing Macmall, and PCmall for the last 4 hours, the speed with which the B&N site processed that order was a damned refreshing experience.

    I now feel like I bought one, and got two free...ha. Thanks, Staples.

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    Got one on B&N. Can't wait to play with my new toy.

    Edit: I say "toy," but I do have serious plans to do work with this device ...
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    Thanks! Bought the 3 I was waiting for and finally got to use some gift cards from work!

    Now I just need to make a private photo frame account/album in photobucket and I'll have some freaking awesome photo frames.
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    that was Easy! (how it should be), but it stinks having to pay tax, shipping, and not getting the HP discount. I think the ones at HP were originally going for about 85, this is effectively 120, which is more than 40 percent more but better than nothing I suppose.
    Is it weird that I fear that HP will have a whole stack of them tomorrow to sell with the eligible discount?
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    I hope my order goes through. Either way..Thanks MPian.
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    I bought 3 as well for the family.
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    side note bank of america add it up has 8% cashback on these
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    I just came to post on the thread that B&N had them available. OP beat me to it :-). I just ordered 2.
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    wohoo... thanks, just ordered two. Just waiting for it to confirm and ship. I've been looking for these ever since the news broke and I'm always too late.
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    Thank you very much! It appears I ordered from B&N and Macmall at the same time.
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    I just picked up 4 more. Also have one coming from and Have a bunch of people wanting me to pick them up for them.
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    You guys know if Discover's Shop Discover for B&N works on tablets? Right now it's back-to-school special for 15% cash back but it also says PCs are excluded so I'm guessing tablets would fall within PC?
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