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    My order status still says 'Not Yet Shipped' and Shipping Status on next page still says 'Expected Ship Date: August 24, 2011' - no mention of a cancel anywhere, not holding my breathe but...kinda
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    B&N no cancellation email yet. status not shipped
    PC connection confirmed my 32gb order was placed
    still hoping
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    crap... just checked pc connection.. order canceled...
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    mine cancelled too, I placed it on Sunday night
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I ordered from B&N late Saturday night / early Sunday morning, before the price drop. My status is still "In Process: Not Yet Shipped", with the overall status being "Unable to process order. Please call 1-877-379-0036, or 212-414-6024, if outside U.S." No cancellation emails anywhere; I've been through my Junk Email many times.

    My order from Kmart shipped yesterday, and they already price matched, so I'm good there. The wife got hers from BB in-store pickup, so she's good too. We'll see what happens with B&N.
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    Still waiting on B&N. One of the cards didn't go thru, so put in a different one. Still have :In Process: Not yet Shipped. I'm get an email one way or another so I at least KNOW what the hell's going on.
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    Sorry if this is already posted, I searched for Groubal

    Barnes & Noble Screwed Me Out Of My TouchPad | groubal complaints
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    Mine got cancelled too.
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    I ordered a touchpad at 6:00 AM CST at B& yesterday and was really excited. It updated about an hour later to say that it should ship August 24th. I received an email 12 hours later saying that they really don't have any in stock and that they are cancelling my order. I looked online today at my order status to see if it was cancelled. Nothing has changed with my order status and it still says expected to ship August 24th.

    Was my order really cancelled? Are they just behind in updating order statuses? Has anyone else had this? I was so excited and then disappointed that I don't want to get my hopes up.
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    It's been 36 hours since I've placed my order with B&N and it still just says in process.

    I've received no follow up email after the first one.


    My credit card has been charged, though.
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    Similar situation. Placed order about 1am on the 22nd. received email that order had been received just a few minutes later, Called B&N during the day (22nd) to see if I could add on another one to my order and was told no they can not adjust quantities up, only down. Asked about placing another order and was told they had sold out. I asked her if she thought my order would make it through and she seemed to think there would not be a problem. At 6pm on 22nd received and email that said order had been cancelled, sold out. Today (23rd) I find on my credit card a pending charge from B&N dated the 23rd. So who knows whats going on. Got my fingers crossed though. Online order still shows expected ship date of 8/24. Does not say anything about being cancelled.
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    I'm really confused about why some people got a cancellation email, and other like me have received no other email (other than the order confirmation). This makes no sense to me.

    I ordered mine after the timeframe many folks did who have already received cancellations.

    And yet, mine still says pending. I don't get it?
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    the web site order status has changed for now reads, CANCELLED....

    It only took them 21 hours to make the change!!!
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    I got the cancellation email last night but it still shows as shipping tomorrow and the charge hasn't been taken off my card. I called CS and put my order # into the automated system. It says that my 16gb TP is scheduled to be shipped tomorrow. Crossing fingers!
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    I ordered early in the morning (around 1am CST) on 8/22. Late on 8/22 (around 6pm CST) I got the cancellation email. At the time of this posting, I still have a pending charge on my credit card and if I go to check on the status of my order, the order is still there, and it says that my quantity (cannot be removed) and that the shipping status is "In process: not yet shipped"; there is no shipping date. I wish they would get this damn site updated so I could know one way or the other.
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    Logged out and back in...officially cancelled
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    is there anyone who *actually* have a real confirmation from B&N ???

    As far as I've seen there's no one who actually had bought the unit
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    There is no Barnes & Noble. We all imagined that it ever existed.
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