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    I placed it at about 1230am central. Just got an email telling me they are out of stock.
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    Ditto. 3 of 4 cancelled. Now solely riding the amazon/onsale train.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deucediggity View Post
    I placed it at about 1230am central. Just got an email telling me they are out of stock.
    Just got mine also...
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    BN officially cancelled my the cancellation message this instant. damn it!
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    my wife ordered 2 7am est. Cancelled.
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    Placed my order around 8:30am. Still haven't received an email saying canceled. B&N still showing Expected Ship Date: August 24, 2011. Fingers crossed.
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    Ordered at 1am, Cancelled.
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    Placed my order around 8:30am. Still haven't received an email saying canceled. B&N still showing Expected Ship Date: August 24, 2011.
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    I placed an order last night at 10:30 pacific time and my card was charged and it showed a delivery date of the 24th. I just got the email now saying my order was cancelled. My wife ordered right after me and hers never showed a ship date and was cancelled this afternoon. Seems like no order to this madness


    It has been more than 24hrs since I placed my order. My credit card was charged right away (even though the receipt said it wouldn't be charged until it shipped). I got the generic cancellation email this evening but when I log on to check the status it still shows expected to ship on the 24th and unable to cancel... It even shows a UPC code for "my" touchpad! My credit card hasn't been refunded yet... What gives?

    UPDATE 2

    Well, it's now 2 days later and I checked my bank account and it appears they released the hold. It didn't show as a refund or a deposit, it just showed as if it never happened. I checked my order status again and it has indeed been cancelled.
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    Ordered 2 at 1:36 AM EST.......... Finally got the cancel email at 6:52 PM. Guess I will have to keep looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaloney View Post
    I realize that. I mean did anyone see the charge on their credit card then get a cancellation email from BN?
    I did. The email stated that I might see it pending but it wouldn't charge but online it still doesn't say cancelled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmp32 View Post
    Just got my cancellation (27406XXXX). My only consolation is that I dislike B&N so much That I never order from them. And to add to the confusion, my order isn't cancelled in my Order Status...
    I am in the same boat....just received a canceled email....but the web site's order status still shows my order as good with shipping out on the 24th....

    Ordered mine last night at 12:19am central time.... Order # 24707XXXX
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    They cancelled mine too. I ordered at 11 pm Mountain time. Order #247032XXX.
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    Just got my cancellation email an hour ago. Ordered 12 a.m. PST last night.
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    Damn, I even had a upc code. ordered this morning at 7:20am

    Dear Valued Customer,

    We are writing to you regarding your recent Barnes & Noble order for "HP TouchPad Tablet with 16GB Memory".

    Due to unexpected customer demand for this item, our inventory was depleted prior to your order being processed so we are unable to fulfill this item as requested. Consequently, we have canceled your order and you will not be billed for this amount.

    You may see an authorization on your credit or debit card for the order, but please be assured you will not be charged. The authorization will be released in accordance with your bank's policies.

    We sincerely regret any inconvenience that this may have caused.


    Barnes & Noble

    Customer Service

    Order Summary
    Order Number: 24714****

    Order Date: August 22, 2011

    Order Total



    Shipping & Handling


    Sales Tax:


    Order Total


    Open Items

    Items from Barnes & Noble

    Items from Barnes & Specialty Stores

    Shipping Method: Expedited Delivery



    Shipping Status

    Gift Options


    Total Price

    HP TouchPad Tablet with 16GB Memory, WiFi 1.2GHz - Black

    UPC: 0886111788637


    Cannot be Removed

    Expected Ship Date: August 24, 2011

    Gift-Wrap: No



    Shipment Subtotal:


    Shipping & Handling:


    Sales Tax:


    Shipment Total:

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    Same here, gang. Apparently, "order has been received and will be shipped on 8/24" is lip service...grrrr.
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    My brother just called. B&N cancelled his. He is back to it.
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    My order just came back saying they can't do it since it was "depleted". B&N is full of **** because my friend who ordered *AFTER* me was confirmed but mine was knocked out.

    Looks like I'll be pulling an all-nighter tomorrow to pick one up through other avenues
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    I ordered 7:30am with creditcard, mom ordered about hour later w PayPal and no email for her yet...mine canceled.
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