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    hi I just got a 32gb and 16gb to for me and my gf. I was able to go on the 32gb and update ota no problem but the 16gb starts to download makes it to unpacking the stops and says your device is up to date if I hit reload/refresh the cycle starts over do they have another why to update
    thanks Jon I believe its running 3.0.0
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    head over to and doctor directly to 3.0.2
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    Hope you have more luck than I did. Mine got to the end of the download and then I got a screen with a "!" inside a triangle. Am trying to doctor it now, but it kept saying battery was below 25% (screen shows that I'm at 91%) or it gets to 1-2% done and quits. Now, the doctor won't even work (some sort of Java problem). Waiting for HP tech support to call me back as this even stumped them last night.

    Even with this, am still excited to us my new TP.

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