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    I know everyone is scrambling right now to get the new 32/16 units, but I was thinking there has got to be a ton of Refurbs hitting the market here in the next few weeks. I took my original touchpad back to staples this past Friday that I picked up 2 weekends ago for the $200 discount from staples. Prior to all of price dropping, I was disgusted with the announcements from Thursday. The point is, I returned a perfectly good touchpad to staples with regret. I wonder with the best buy debacle of no price matching and the extended 60 return, how many of these units will be refurbed and resold? I wonder when they will hit and what the asking prices will be? I was thinking in the next 2 weeks we might see them for 25 dollars less than the new cost. What do you think? How about the number of units?
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    I'm expecting to recieve a refurb to replace a TouchPad that could not be repaired (long story), which made me wonder where HP gets all these refurbs in the first place? That is to say, how many store returns could there possibly be in 3 months time?

    I've bought a refurb from another major computer company that was clearing last year's model for next year's model and that device was literally a brand new unit shipped in a brown box. Has that been the case for the TouchPad?
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    I don't think you see refurbs really hit the market til next spring/summer if ever. Right now HP has/will have around a million 1 year warranties to honor.
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