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    Quote Originally Posted by thirst View Post
    half price accessories!
    I guess they're not called the "lucky country" for nothing.
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    Posting from the queue at HN Fyshwick ACT. Only 32GB models left... And few of those!
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    I managed to pick up a 32gig with a Touchstone at HN in Midland, WA. 15 minutes into the sale, they had already sold 1/2 of their 16gig models. And the phones did not stop ringing!

    Stoked I got one - I was in the process of selling my iPad to buy a TP. Now I have the best of both worlds
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    Buy some for Rod!
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    Got mine. Marion SA sold out shortly.
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    Just called some stores in Melbourne and its all sold out!
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    Sold out in WA except for Kalgoorlie :/
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    I called straight away,but they said that they were all out. But luckily, I haven't returned my touchpad yet, so they will be refunding the difference and they have reserved a case for me
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    Got one at HN balgowlah How do you select the USA app store? don't want to f##k that part up
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    When would Singapore HP join the fire sales?
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    lets hp....ah ere we go

    349 and 429
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    Finally got mine. Happy Camper.

    Now just need to figure out how to set it up.

    Should I use my existing profile created on a Pre2 via impostah or do I need to create a new one?
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    1st post from my Aussie Touchpad...still haven't worked out the purpose of it
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    Quote Originally Posted by thirst View Post
    Finally got mine. Happy Camper.

    Now just need to figure out how to set it up.

    Should I use my existing profile created on a Pre2 via impostah or do I need to create a new one?
    You can try using your existing profile.

    First thing to do is check the App Catalog. If it gives you a choice of country, choose the United States (unless you are optimistic, and think that they'll be giving us Australian paid App Catalog access... they haven't yet).

    If it doesn't give you a choice of country, you can do a Full Erase, and create a new profile. It's not like the phones, where you get one shot at choosing a country and are locked in. Full Erase gives you a second chance.

    (If I'm wrong, someone please let me know!)
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    Thanks calroth. I might see if I can get Rod's opinion over at the Global App Cat/Impostah thread. Cheers.
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    what's the point of picking the US as a country for most of us when our credit cards arent supported?
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    I didn't know the sale was on.....I turned up to Harvey Norman to return mine and then I was going to buy a cheaper one on eBay....and they said that they just had a fire sale. I was able to 'return' mine and then buy it again for $149. I also got to keep my free mifi. So I am happy that I hadn't returned it sooner.
    I had set mine up with the Australian app catalog.....only free apps so far. I am hoping that the paid app catalog comes here soon.....otherwise I might create a new profile. We can use the USA app catalog if we buy a Simon Malls gift card from someone in the USA. They can buy the card and give you the number. You can also get them to recharge it I believe. It sounds like a little bit of a hassle it would be better to get the Australian paid app catalog and then use our existing credit cards.
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    when I got my launch day touchpad, I forgot about the mifi deal, and so had the salesperson, so do you think they would have any left?
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    Reportedly these things disappeared quicker than free beer. The Whirlpool thread has had 52 pages added to it since I left for work at 7AM!
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