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    So I went over to BB and was successfull in getting my pricematch.

    It did take some convincing and it was good I had a print out of the FAQ off of BB's site for them to look at. One manager had an email that said they were, one had one that said they weren't, so the website made them decide to do it.

    Oh and if you are in the state of Washington, there isn't a TP to be had at ANY BB, they have all sold out.
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    It took some work, but I got my local best buy to price match as well. The CSR tried to tell me to contact HP for my price match refund (LOL) so I pulled the printout off of the entry door they had taped up earlier in the day about the HP Touchpad and made her read their own policy while my wife looked on with a big sh!t eating grin knowing we WOULD be walking out with a refund. After multiple tries to get Joe to come up to customer service (from somewhere in the sky apparently) the CSR relented and processed my refund. This was in Peoria IL.
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    Ditto! No questions asked - they said I wasn't the first. A ten minute drive for a $484 refund AND I get to keep my awesome Touchpad. I really hope HP is eating the cost on this one.
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    did any of you have to bring in anything other than your receipt?
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    I did it with just my receipt at the Albany Best Buy yesterday. They processed it as a return and resold it to me at the lower price. No questions asked. I also was not the first and they told me they had completely sold out on Saturday.
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    I went to the one in Savannah Saturday morning when the store opened. I stood in line to try and get another 32GB. I was second in line and all of the Touchpads were sold out. There was a Best Buy employee running around with a clipboard with both HP and Best Buy logos on it. The sales representative ask him what to do with the folks there. There were also other people walking over to the Apple section asking for them. I did not get another one from Best Buy. I then went to customer service for my refund. The woman there had some problems with my refund. She kept telling me that everything will be ok. She left me at the counter and went over to talk to the guy with the clipboard. She came back and refunded me the price difference for my day one purchase, $481. I got to keep my Touchpad and I got $481 back.
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    When I went in, this 'hard ***' of a worker was saying that I wasn't able to do it. Showed him the FAQ, didn't believe me so he had to find it himself. Didn't find it I assume, so he went around asking, while this girl was helping me and she knew I was right but she wasn't in the position to out do him.

    Eventually, he came back and said it was fine, and they had a little note on their desk saying so. But apparently neither of them know how to read. haha
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    I got my price match yesterday at the Avon, IN Best Buy. I walked in about 15 minutes after they opened (apparetnly there was a long line for firesale TPs when they opened), went to the service desk and asked for my match. The CSR asked another CSR about price matching out of the return window. I mentioned that the return window was opened up for the Touchpads and that the website said price matches would be granted and showed her a print out of the page. After that, no problems.

    I went and talked with the HP rep for a bit, who was a little ticked off, because the store started the firesale after he left for the day on Saturday and he missed out. I saw some keyboards and touchstones behind the desk, but they wanted full price for them, so I passed. I also picked up a Wii game for the kids so that I could get rid of the rewards zone certificate I got for buying the TP. Overall, I walked out with $453 more than I had when I went in. That pays for the 3 32GB I picked up from HP's website this weekend for the wife and kids.

    I think I figured out the "make it right" result for early adopters. Buy 1-Get 3 and a Wii game free.
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    I just brought my touchpad in to best buy. No receipt, no upc... They looked up the receipt with my reward zone account.
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    Just posted in another thread about this, but just got back from a BestBuy here in Houston, TX. They even had a printout from the internal email up saying they were honoring price matching on the Touchpads. They had to do a couple of strange overrides to make it work, but other than that very smooth. I did take in the printout from the BB webpage but they didn't need it.
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    I'd been swamped with attending D23 Expo and theatre work all weekend since that lousy Thursday when I heard HP dropped us. But friends emailed me over the weekend to let me know about BB extending their price matching, and late Saturday I jumped on PreCentral's page to get the latest. Great news! Sunday I went to BB between a matinee and an engagement party I was late too. Brought in my receipt and explained I'd read about BB's extended price matching on the TouchPad. Only feedback I got after he scanned my receipt was that there was a 14-day return policy blah blah blah (I bought my Day 1 but tuned him out), and I politely told him again I'd read it was extended just for the TouchPad. He asked for my credit card, and a few seconds later I could tell from the surprised look on his face (there was even a little whiplash ) that I got my refund. He told me that $460+ was added back to my credit card. Was in and out of there in less than five minutes.

    Now, just wondering if that $50 rebate I mailed off last month is still on its way...

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