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    After looking around this forum, there is at least one person who had my same "item being processed" from HP and apparently their order got cancelled.

    I'm just not sure about OnSale either, having never dealt with them....
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    I was at best buy yesterday getting my wife an ipad and thinking about getting an android tablet for me when they rolled out a cart full of touchpads... And now I'm here...
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    Newbie here

    Make sure to give me a real hard time for being a cheap tablet loving webOS bandwagoner!

    Hope to be a great help to the community here

    Before getting the Touchpad I've had an iphone 3gs, nexus one, samsung vibrant, htc hd2, lg optimus v, iphone 4, and currently a palm Pixi plus while I wait for an iphone 5 to come out in Oct and will look to upgrade then. Perhaps I'll wait though for the Nexus Prime I'm not sure.
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    Checking in.

    Still not completely confident that I'd get my TP until I'm actually holding it in my hands (ordered one from HP Academy and one from BestBuy, one of them for a friend), but I've been checking these forums every time I'm in front of my computer since Friday night.

    I'm somewhat tech obsessed, but completely platform agnostic. I'd try anything within my budget and need at the time, and I usually stick with gadgets for a very long time (I don't think I've ever dumped anything because I hated it).

    This will be my first ever experience with webOS. I currently own and actively use Windows PCs, a Macbook Pro, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android phones (and several retired Nokia E and N-series phones a couple of feet away in the drawer). I am also a 'GSM elitist' (international incompatibility = sucks) and freedom lover, so I will forever hate contract commitment and handset-subsidy system. I always buy my phones full price and have been with prepaid for at least seven years now.

    Can't wait until I get to try webOS!
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    Posting from my TouchPad. I've had it since yesterday morning, overclocked and running smooth. Fun stuff.
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    what's up guys. Ordered the 32gb from HP Canada last night. Earlier in the day I thought I had one about an hour away through FS but I got the "sorry" email. I paid $499 + tax but I clicked on the $149 box so I'm pretty sure HP will correct the pricing before sliding the plastic.

    So, any third party cases worth checking out? Or is HP's official case the nicest on the market?
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    Well . . . I am a WebOS noob, but me and Palm go way back. I was actually able to find my Treocentral login from several years ago.

    edit: And yes, I am also one of those cheap tablet buying . . . whatever it was you said!
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    Hi everyone.

    I bought my TouchPad a week ago, before the Announcement but close to the same price through a deal at work. But because my company moves like molasses (you would think that a major electronics retailer would be able to process online staff purchases at a reasonable speed) I didn't actually receive my 16 gb TouchPad until the day after the Announcement.

    I am an Android fan at heart but I am loving my TouchPad as 2nd computer (netbook replacement). My main complaint is that there is only one TouchPad compatible Twitter app and I haaaaaate it!

    It may be a small thing but what REALLY love about the TouchPad is the freaking number row on the keyboard. As someone who has numbers and letters in all their usernames and passwords I am always annoyed that I have to press an extra button or press and hold to get to numbers in the keyboard.

    Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and look forward to exploring this now dead and rapidly growing community... kinda like the zombie apocalypse if you think about it. Hmmm...
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    picked up a 32GB yesterday; went out for another today briefly but SOLD OUT at brick/mortar stores nearby. May hunt for another online. So far love it; need touchpad app recommendations :-)
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    Landed a 16GB yesterday; was lucky enough to catch Amazon's Lightning Deal. Have experience with PalmOS via non-Palm hardware, as well as Windows/Mac and iPhone. Looking forward to having a tablet large enough to do the things that a small handheld doesn't do well, like PDF's and some kinds of web browsing, as well as all the interesting things that only webOS does well.
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    Just happened to be in Best Buy when they decided to sell the Touchpads yesterday so I picked one up. Can't be the price. So far I like a bit more than I thought I would. Plus the community is great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by brdl04 View Post
    Allright you newb cheap tablet loving Precentral members.

    Introduce yourself..... And no negative comments until you have been here a month, or have purchased a webOS phone.....

    Let the hazing begin...
    Long time lurker (member), 2nd time poster.
    Picked up a few Touchpads for myself and family on the great day of fire(sale).
    Been a webOS evangelical since day 1 (used to write for a competing webOS blog).
    Pre minus is barely holding together. Was going for a Pre 3, but now WP7 is looking to be good.
    Launch Day Pre Minus
    Fire Sale 32GB Touchpad
    Over one dozen family and friends converted to webOS
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    i got 2 32gb Touchpads. i really want to learn web OS development.
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    Waiting on my touchpad to come in, I always wanted one, but at 500$, and me being unemployed, there was no way I could sell enough blood to get it. But at 100$, it only took about 8 trips over the last month and a half to get it, thank the hp idiocy for the price drop.

    I had been selling webOS since it launched however, so I'm no noob to the world of webOS. One strength no one seemed to catch is how easy it is for rednecks in the back woods to use. "If it does some'in ya don' like, chuck the card off th'screen."

    ah, rednecks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I have a bad feeling about this thread.
    Sharing their first experience is probably the best way.
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