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    So, with this amazingly ridiculous amount of TouchPads being deployed to the market, I imagine some of them will be DoA (or just faulty), and some will naturally break over the course of the next year.

    Do you think HP can support the volume of TouchPads? Let's say a scenario like the original Palm Pre happens, where lots and lots of consumers are getting broken phones and trying to warranty them?

    Can and will HP stand by the product they're dumping?

    An article says "Customers wanting to keep their TouchPad could do so, but have been warmed that there may not be provision for ongoing support."
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    Mine is coming from BestBuy who has a 60 day return policy. Outside of that the 1yr warranty from HP should suffice just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merovingian View Post
    Mine is coming from BestBuy who has a 60 day return policy. Outside of that the 1yr warranty from HP should suffice just fine.

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    Ah, careful. The BB return is for full price units only - no return on clearance, either BB or HP or anywhere else, for that matter. But HP still says there's a 1 yr. warranty, fwiw.
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    Let's hope HP has enough back-stock and employee resources to anticipate warranty service on all these units they're offloading.
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    Back when I was trying to quit smoking, my sister gave me a gag gift, a cigarette enclosed in glass with "In Case of Emergency - Break Glass" on it. I think I'm going to do the same with the extra TouchPad I'm getting. Hmmmm... wonder if I should worry about the battery going bad on it though :O
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    Well "not user replaceable" just means it's harder to replace, hopefully! Unless it just wont come apart at all. Is it sealed with glue or something? Surely you can disassemble one.

    The other thing is, what is the battery? If it's some proprietary crap with a weird connector, we're out of luck, unless HP sells them or someone else makes them.
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    For $150, as long as it works for 6 months I'll be happy.
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    I would like to know this too. I bought two firesale touchpads . . . should I buy one more just so that I can ensure that I can use the tablet safely for a year+? Or is that simply stupid . . .?
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    I actually received my Touchpad on thursday from Onsale. Opened it up with excitement, plugged it in and waited. 3 hours later had nothing but the 2 leds flashing on the center button. Googled it, and found recommendations to twist the adaptor that plugs into the wall. No go Had a couple various USB cables with the same hook ups, plugged them in, no go. Tried doing a reset, nothing. The only thing I could get out of it other than 2 leds flashing while plugged in, is a battery symbol with a question mark when holding the power button for 5 seconds when not plugged in. Only reference I could find for that symbol, was people with Pre phones that didnt have their batter installed properly. 3 phone calls, and 1 live chat later, my brand new Touchpad is going back to HP.

    Onsale won't exchange it (I assumed they wouldn't after their inventory disaster, but figured it was worth a try) and tech support told me I needed to contact customer service to return it as my only option if I didn't want to go through HP's warranty. Got hung up on 3 times immediately when trying to call their customer service.

    So now I am sitting here looking at a 150 (32gb) dollar paperweight, waiting for a box to come from HP to return the item. They would not give me a shipping label to just send back.
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    Everyone's TouchPad will be replaced if there is anything wrong with it. It has a warranty. Nothing to worry about here.

    If you're worried about shipping costs, please, read the warranty and see if it covers shipping costs. I really don't know if it does or it doesn't, but it would be silly to expect HP to cover them if the warranty doesn't explicitly say so.
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    They are covering my shipping costs both ways fortunately, whether that is required, or if it is because literally it is a brand new unit, I don't know.
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    I am sure hp is holding back enough units to replace defective ones initially. Then they will refurbish the returns and have those on hand as well. Normal defect rate is very low, 1% or so I believe.
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    When I talked to an HP girl after a survey that gave me a chance to talk about some things. One thing was warranty work. She said that no matter what, the manufacturer's warranty will be good for a year and they will have touchpads to send for replacement exchanges, but they will be refurbished units.
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