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    Lets keep a list of who bought from onsale inc from amazon

    And lets see status and who got confirmation? And who will actually receive theirs

    I ordered
    A couple today and it says shipping soon.
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    Ordered one for a buddy. Last I looked it said shipping soon.
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    I did


    Shipment #1:
    2 items - delivery estimate: August 25, 2011 - August 30, 2011
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    I bought one from them using my pre- (was worried that it would sell out before I could get home).

    I recvd email/confirmation from amazon right after placing the order. Amazon acounts says shipping soon as well.
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    Yes this is all normal. I think we're all in the same boat. It's Sunday night so don't expect any magic. Monday mid-day is when we might start to see some shipments and cancellations!

    I did "one-day" shipping because it was rather cheap, so let's hope they take that into account
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    I did. Don't worry they are the official liquidator.
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    I got one for my buddy and one for my girl. Confirmations received.

    Amazon says shipping soon, estimated arrival 8/25-8/30.
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    Purchased mine from onSale, Says shipping soon aswell
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    same. Confirm via email
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    I dont think it matters if you choose 1 day shipping or 30 days shipping. Theyll process the shiping by first come first served. I also have aug 25-30
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    I am so excited, I need to punch something!
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    I did. Same thing...Amazon confirmation...August 25-30 ship date.

    Dang...I hope I receive it before I move at the beginning of September!
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    Ordered a 32g right after the thread popped up on here. Status is shipping soon.
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    Punch ur face! Or ur ipad. Or ur nuts
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    I ordered one from them as well
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    I ordered 3
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    I got one to.
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    Ordered a 16 GB for my wife (for Kindle and Internet), and a 32 GB for me (for Internet and FLAC music playback). This will be my 4th Touchpad in 6 weeks. Crazy! First was purchased Day One at Sams for $580, but returned due to faulty wifi. Second purchased from Amazon for $499, but then returned after getting the Staples coupon deal for $400. I returned the Staples one Thu night, following HP's announcement, but before I knew they would honor fire-sale price-matching. Hopefully OnSale will actually deliver. That being said, I do NOT expect WebOS to survive, and consider the Touchpad (at these prices) to be a disposable device when it's all said and done. In the meantime, will continue transferring my remaining Pre Memo's to Google Docs, in anticipation of migrating to an Android Phone and Tablet (once Ice Cream Sandwich is released).
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