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    i had shipping fro 23-24 and got a cancel. I ordered on Sunday at 4:50 EST and had next business day shipping.
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    Amazon's written policy is to allow for leaving feedback for canceled items. Somehow we need to make enough noise to allow us this option.
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    I just got my cancellation notice for my orders. I'm mad cause I thought I ordered early enough to get them. Sunday at 2pm PST. I don't know where I'm going to get some now :/.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fwinst View Post
    Yes, I did. I ordered mine around 5pm on Sun 8/21. Got my cancellation email from Amazon about 40 min ago.
    I just got my cancellation notice also, and so there going to release my pending payment also?
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    Just got may cancellation notice!

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    Ordered at 4:40 Pacific on Sunday, with shipping for 23-24, just got the cancellation a minute ago. Was still "processing" 2 hours ago.

    Still holding out on the Friday 9PM order from HP...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob_T View Post
    Amazon's written policy is to allow for leaving feedback for canceled items. Somehow we need to make enough noise to allow us this option.
    do you have a link?
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    thank god i was able to snag on of off sams club, but still it sucks for the early adopters who bought out for 500, had to return it and got stuck without a touchpad
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    I ordered at 4:30 EST from onsale through Amazon. They said they had 5 left in stock when I ordered. My credit card was charged and isnt pending. I got my cancellation email a few minutes ago. Not very happy but understandable but I just want my money back. Not a week or a month from now. I want it back NOW!. lol Onsale = For the LOSE! lol
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    Sweet, just got my cancellation email. Time to celebrate.
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    yeah guyfromnam mine was one day shipping. 19 bucks if i may add!
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    Just received my "you're SOL" email from Amazon. Onsale has made some really poor decisions the last few days that will haunt them for years. (Unless they go under soon)
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    Onsale's parent company, has Touchpads!
    ...for $357 (16GB model)
    Nevermind...sold out.
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    Just got this:

    Greetings from,

    We're writing to inform you that your order -XXXXXX-XXXXXXX from onSale has been canceled because the item(s) you purchased were out of stock. Please return and place your order again at a later time.

    Our sellers strive to minimize canceled orders. We're sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Your credit card was not charged for this order. If you have any questions regarding the cancelation of this order, please contact onSale.

    If you're still interested in this item, please search for it again on

    We've included your order details below for reference. We've also included the URL for the item you purchased if you'd like to try ordering from another seller.

    We value you as a customer and hope you will continue shopping on


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    I ordered Sunday at 4:56pm cst, just got my cancellation notice from Amazon.

    I'm hoping one of my orders from Cost Central or HP SMB goes through.

    Although, I stopped at my local Best Buy and they had 46 16GB units and 46 32GB units allocated-Inbound, which the guy helping me said meant they probably wouldn't arrive until the Monday or Thursday shipment next week.

    I'm still going by tomorrow afternoon to see if they arrive in tomorrow's shipment.
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    Ordered the 32gb on Sun 8/21/11 6:36 PM
    Got the cancellation email.
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    i havne't gotten my cancel yet, but I know its coming. I did regular shipping and ordered at 5:27 CST. Others have gotten cancels for ordering 30 minutes sooner.
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    Cancellation notice received about 30 min ago.
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    Just got my cancellation email. One 16gb, standard shipping.

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