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    So as of today I am a proud owner of a 16gb and 32gb version, but what I really want is the white 64gb 1.5ghz version. We know they made them. So where are they?
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    Honestly I dont really think they made many of them. Im willing to bet they manufactured less than 20% of the original plan.
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    They were probably destined for AT&T. We might see them, but then we might not.
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    I don't know but wasn't it posted on their site for 599 a few days ago? I really want that one!
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    Not designed for AT&T....AT&T is getting the 32GB Black HSPA model. OP is referring to the white wi-fi 64GB model.

    The similarities are that both the 64GB and 4G versions have 1.5Ghz CPUs.
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    That's the slate not the touchpad...
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    This is my first post.

    I bought a White, 64GB, 1.5GHZ model from a couple of hours ago for $250.

    They said there were 200 units and they were all sold out in about 20 minutes.

    It popped up on Slickdeals and I went for it. My wife has had a Pre since day one, so I figured this would be a nice surprise for her.
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